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Essay assignments can be difficult especially if you're writing a rhetorical essay. Unlike a descriptive or narrative essay, it requires deep analysis only then you would be able to complete your essay. Rhetorically evaluating a text requires analyzing any type of literary work, for example, a book, drama, speech. It also includes anything which is non-fiction. In simple terms, it means dreaming about a dream and writing about writing.

It shows that this analysis requires some specific techniques to follow. It is one of the reasons that you may find it difficult to write one. If you got a rhetorical analysis essay assignment pending and find yourself stuck, I am writing down some simple steps which an essay writer can follow to write yourself one. I am sure these would be helpful in your analysis.

Steps to writing a good analysis

Understand your topic

For a good analysis, first, try to understand your assigned topic from all dimensions. You should research and analyze data from different sources. With your analysis, you should also add rhetorical aspects for your readers. You should break your findings in separate paragraphs and analyze them one by one and whether they influence each other.

Collect data

Collecting data is the next crucial step for your analysis while collecting data makes it sure that it is relevant. If you can answer below-mentioned questions then it means your data is relevant

  1. Which methods of research are utilized by the author.
  2. Whether he conveyed his message successfully.
  3. The nature of the theme and how it was reflected in the paper.
  4. Did the author focus on his audience in terms of age and gender?

Essay outline

The outline is an important part of your analysis which usually comes before the introduction paragraph. It tells the reader what is the sequence of your analysis and which important points you have discussed in your paper. You can also write headings mentioned in your analysis in the form of proper sentences or pointers.


For your analysis, you can follow the sequence of a simple essay for example introduction, body, and conclusion. The length of your body may vary depending upon your analysis but minimum it should be at least three paragraphs. While your complete analysis would be of five paragraphs.

Introductory paragraph

In this paragraph, mention rhetorical techniques that you used to analyze different ideas and concepts in the analysis. You must mention all the concepts mentioned in the analysis. It would help the reader to comprehend your analysis.

Thesis statement

The last part or sentence of your introduction would be your thesis statement. It would tell the reader what is the direction of your analysis and which important details you have added in it.

Body paragraphs

These paragraphs would be the flesh and blood of your essay. It would present all the arguments and information you have gathered about your topic and make sure that you have answered all questions. Each paragraph should discuss a unique idea with evidence to support and identify the ethos, pathos, and logos in your analysis. These would be the cornerstones of your rhetorical analysis.

Concluding paragraph

In this paragraph, you would reinstate the thesis statement by summarizing all previously mentioned arguments and ideas. In your analysis, you can also include your opinion in favor of your thesis statement.

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