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Public speaking and preparation tend to feel like climbing a mountain especially if this is the first time. One of the key aspects of a speech might be persuasion. You would be arguing and trying to persuade the audience on a subject matter. One of the main techniques you would employ is the use of rhetorical devices. Some of the important ones are as follows or you can ask others to write my essay.

Rhetorical Devices

  • Develop certain slogans that are repeated frequently throughout the course of the speech. You can slightly modify these but the general idea should remain the same. This would program the audience’s mind into thinking about the meaning behind the slogan with more interest. If persuasion involves a new mobile phone, your slogan can be “Exploring the world through the palm of your hand”.
  • Use simile to give people a flavor of what they already know. Try to compare with something that the people are used to. Elaborating with the example of mobile phones, a simile would be “The phone is like your best friend guiding you”. Rhetorics play a major role in a persuasive speech. If you need further guidance, an expert writing service could help.
  • Anaphora is a major technique used by persuasive speakers. Using a similar phrase at the start of each sentence would feed the information you want into the mind of the audience unconsciously. “Reinventing technology” is an example of such a phrase when you are out to sell a mobile phone. It is such a phrase that can be easily accommodated in the sentence. In case you need help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.
  • You have to prove your credibility in front of the audience as well as convince them ethically and emotionally. The traditional trio of ethos, logos, and pathos would do the trick. Pathos would be the emotional appeal to the audience in order to prove the superiority of your point. Ethos would be the ethical side of the argument and finally, logos would use logic to end the persuasive trio. An expert essay writer is well aware of it all. Next time you find yourself in a bit of a predicament, do not hesitate to ask for guidance.
  • So the art of persuasion is more concerned with the cognition of the audience than anything else. Repeatedly using familiar and essential phrases would instill the notion in them, Germination does just that as you can repeat the same thing in a single sentence with slight modifications. Building on the mobile phone example you can say “As the technology would be reinvented, the new innovation would challenge the traditional technology by changing the whole atmosphere”.
  • Asyndeton would slightly modify the grammar you are well aware of but it is for the purpose of establishing the foundation of a view-point. “It’s got style, class, features, speed, efficiency”. You can see that no conjunctions are used. Another such strategy is Polysyndeton where you use more conjunctions than normal. You must ask questions to properly address the concerns of the audience. However, sometimes you may ask questions that require no answer. The answer is self-evident and you are using it just to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. “These features are what you wanted right?” Here, there is no need for any specific answers but you just want to show off a bit

Well, there it is. You must now use these strategies to develop a killer speech. The content would be yours and each of these techniques could be molded to fit it perfectly. Remembering these would also help not just in writing but also during the delivery of speech as that is when the real show starts.

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