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Can you relate to Joe’s problem? Joe, a high school graduate, wants to study mechanical engineering from renowned institutes in the country but there's a huge problem. Without a scholarship, his dreams will be crushed. He is very confused because he lacks the knowledge required to write such an essay. If you are anything like Joe, there is no need to panic! By following the provided guidelines, you can obtain the required knowledge and skills to tailor an effective persuasive essay for a scholarship or you can ask others to write my paper.

Scholarship criteria

You may be eligible for a scholarship based on academic excellence, diversity, financial conditions, or even sports talent. You must be aware of all the different kinds of scholarships that are being provided by your desired colleges. A scholarship essay must be designed in an intelligent way to convince a college that you deserve the scholarship more than the other applicants. To craft such an essay, here is a list of common mistakes to avoid and procedures to follow.

Mistakes to avoid

The primary mistake that most students make is drafting one story and re-using it for different scholarships. Your essay must be original. Even if there are 2 different sports-based scholarships for different colleges, you must not copy and paste the same essay. You should research what each scholarship program entails. An online essay writer can be hired for this purpose. These experienced writers can guide you on the rules and regulations of different scholarship programs and provide useful tips on what exactly to write in the essay.

Another mistake that you must avoid is the cliché sad story that serves no purpose other than pity. A scholarship administrator would rather listen to how you are still optimistic, determined, and passionate despite all the hardships that you have endured. A scholarship application should contain your achievements and accomplishments in a humble yet effective manner.

Since you’ve graduated from Highschool, you should be mature enough to not fall for scholarship scams. Countless fraudulent scholarships may ask for a sum of money upfront or private details may be inquired. You must conduct proper research on the authenticity of the scholarship before applying.

What you should do

To articulate a perfect essay, you must compile all your individual accomplishments or details that are relevant to a particular scholarship. An example would be to include being the quarterback of your high school football team for a ‘sports-based’ scholarship. Volunteer work and academic achievement can be added in almost all applications; therefore, they need to be compiled as well.

You must apply individually for all available scholarships. Even if you believe that there are sportsmen better than you applying for sports scholarships or students more academically sound than you applying for academic scholarships, you must prove how your skills and achievements make you more deserving.

The final advice for writing an effective essay is to make sure that there are no writing errors and all the parameters set by the scholarship providers are satisfied. This includes answering specific questions and staying within the word limit. There are online guidance websites that can provide you a custom essay for specific scholarships and they strictly follow the essay format. A rough draft may be provided to them from which they can extract useful data and tailor a persuasive application.


You can obtain a scholarship and fulfill your dreams of pursuing your desired degree if you follow a systematic procedure. Countless scholarships are waiting for the right candidates; therefore, you need to follow all the scholarship programs for which you are eligible. By strictly following through on the provided 'Do's and Don'ts', you can construct a perfect essay that will land you a good college scholarship.

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