Significance of Both Quantitative and Qualitative Research-Based Studies

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Research methods are classified into qualitative and quantitative methods broadly. What method an essay writerchooses depends on the type of research questions. The underlying philosophy of your research defines what method is suitable for you to find the answers. Also, the skills and preferences are important to identify the answer to your research question following the qualitative and quantitative methods.

Both quantitative and qualitative methods of student research play an imperative role in the development of the product. Data collected from quantitative research, for example, demographics, market size, and preferences of users deliver significant information for decisions in a business. Qualitative research brings treasured information for customers in the plan of products such as use cases, user needs, and behavior patterns.

Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative studies deliver data that can be articulated in numbers. The data collected through this study is in the form of a numeric system, you can put on any statistical tests in creating statements regarding the data. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

Data Collection

Data can be collected for the quantitative method through surveys, interviews, and secondary data. If you want to perform a statistical analysis of the views of a group regarding a particular element or issue of their lives, the research can ask them to express their views about it in the form of a statement. They can answer on a five- or seven-point scale which is called Likert scales. For example, 1 is for strongly disagreeing from a statement, 2 is for disagreeing, 3 is for a neutral statement, 4 is agreeing and 5 is for sturdily supportive with a declaration. Such statements enable a person for their opinions that can be directly translated in the form of numerical data through quantitative analysis. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.


The quantitative method comprises descriptive statistics, for instance, median, mean, and standard deviation. However, this method includes inferential statistics, for instance, ANOVAs, multiple regression, and t-tests. Statistical analysis provides preference trends, research data, and differences among groups.

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research involves words and language instead of numerical data. Observations and photographs can also be used in qualitative research. almost every research can be conducted and examined by qualitative means. Qualitative vs quantitative research gives us the most important feature of a qualitative method which states that it provides you with in-depth knowledge regarding the problem. Therefore, it is particularly the most useful way to get answers to why and how things happen.

Data Collection

Sources of data collection for qualitative research methods are interviews, postcards, focus groups, secondary data, and observations. For example, when participants are asked to provide their interests regarding a particular issue then through interviews, focus groups and observational methods are the most appropriate way of a collection of data. Remember, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.


As the data is collected through wide resources and therefore, a wide variety of methods are utilized to analyze the data. The information collected is converted into proper structure and coding is assigned in the form of groups or themes. A wide variety of computer packages are available for qualitative analysis. For example, content analysis is used to represent color coding and numbering systems to show ideas of people regarding a particular issue.

Sometimes you may find yourself confused to select from the quantitative method and qualitative method for your research. Sometimes you may want to use several methods to conduct research. it is based on your research type that will highlight which method is suitable for your research question. Also, skills and knowledge are highly essential for you to understand which method will follow which techniques to complete your research. it is your research that will define which is the most appropriate method and you can seek help for this method from your academic colleagues and supervisors.

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