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Are you blaming your teacher for giving you bad grades in your assignments? Your teachers are not your enemy here. No teacher has anything against their students. They deal with their students impartially. Therefore, you should quit blaming your teacher for giving you bad grades and have a look at your previous assignments. While you are at it, take a look at the rubrics for those assignments that your teacher provided you. You will see that there are separate marks for writing an error-free text. This means that punctuation, spelling, grammar, and capitalization have separate marks.

This means that no matter how extraordinary arguments you might have presented in your essay, you are still going to get bad grades in it if you fail to check out for small grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Every essay writer needs to understand and master all the writing conventions and rules to get better in academic writing that they had to do throughout their academic life. Some of the basic elements of good writing are punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization.

Without further ado, let’s briefly look at these writing conventions so that you completely understand their importance. Or you can also ask others to write my essay for me.


The basic purpose of writing is to deliver your thoughts and message clearly through words. This purpose can only be served with the proper understanding and use of punctuation. The common punctuation marks are full stop and comma. And a bit complicated ones are colon, semicolon, and hyphen.

Imagine writing a text without the usage of these punctuation marks. Absurd, right? Every student must know the appropriate use of these punctuation marks because getting punctuation wrong can change the meaning of your text.

Let’s look at the following sentences to understand the importance of a single comma in a sentence:

Let’s eat Harry.

Let’s eat, Harry.

Both sentences have the same words but they are delivering a very different meaning. If you do not see the importance of a single comma in the above sentences, you need to look at the face of your dear friend John while reading the above sentence without a comma. He may start running away from you if you read it with a serious tone or might start nervously joking about it.

Because you are talking about eating him. However, in the second sentence (with a comma) your dear friend would be happy that you have invited him for a delicious meal.


Well, some might say that getting spellings wrong does not represent the intelligence of a person. Well, they are absolutely right, but if you are a student who is concerned about his grades, you need to learn how to spell words right. It is a very basic skill and students start learning it as soon as they start their academic journey. One cannot read or write if he/she does not know spellings of words. Today, there are a lot of online tools that one can use to check for spelling mistakes or you can also hire an essay writer service to complete this task for you.


People say that one does not need to learn grammar to speak a language. Well, if you are talking about a traveler then grammar might not be a problem. However, if you are a student or applying for a job that needs fluency in a particular language, then grammar becomes important. You cannot deliver your thoughts and ideas fluently and smoothly if you do not know the correct use of grammar. Grammar makes one speak like a native speaker. You can always hire a professional and the best essay writing service to proofread your essays.


Like the punctuation, capitalization also plays a great role in delivering a message in writing. The capitalization of the first word of sentences indicates the beginning of a new sentence. Capitalization is also employed to show the uniqueness of proper nouns like the name of a place, person, or thing. However, you should keep in mind that using capitalization to make a few words look more important is informal.

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