Significance of the Grounded Theory Method and Case Study Model in Qualitative Research

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Qualitative research is not an excuse for being careless about raw statistics to justify your views. Qualitative research actually makes use of an ideal combination of two primary requirements of quantitative studies: consistency and legitimacy.

Qualitative analysis is used in different disciples like anthropology, sociological sciences, and psychology. There are also many types of qualitative research that an essay writer can use for various circumstances. Every type makes use of certain qualitative data that further provides you with a direction in developing your analysis and interpretation.

Why qualitative research?

  • It helps participants to interact because they focus on the opinions, values, perceptions, points of view, and perspectives of others or their own.
  • It contains more participants than in a structured survey as it utilizes advanced methods like interviews and consultations with the group.
  • The evaluation actually encourages you to evaluate even better than the initial responses and justifications.
  • Monitoring, documenting, and analyzing non-verbal communication plays a vital role in most discussions and interviews.

Grounded theory method in qualitative research

This theory was introduced by Glaser and Strauss in 1967 to further validate the qualitative analysis.

Grounded theory is a collection of comprehensive, inductive methods to implement qualitative research focused on the development of other theories.

To conduct a ground theory analysis you have to perform these steps mainly;

  • Recognize the field that you are attempting research to
  • Must ignore the pre-conceptions however focusing solely on the data you have in hand at the moment
  • Apply your theoretical observation. For example, understanding and interpreting the indirect messages and meanings of the data

There are different methods to collect data for grounded theory methods which are as follows. If confused, you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  • Asking open-ended questions from your target audience
  • Field observation
  • Interpreting the study of texts and artifacts

The significance of grounded theory is recognized as it provides;

  • It will provide you with clear and systematic guidelines to further evaluate your qualitative research.
  • It also helps you with providing additional strategic frameworks that are helpful in assessing the analytical reasoning of particular situations.
  • It also assists you in integrating a huge collection of data and further analysis.
  • It supports advanced conceptual analysis of assessing any situation.
  • It also helps in validating your study and allowing it to be treated as a scientific study.
  • This method has helped researchers from various types of disciplines.

Case study method in qualitative research

Case studies are comprehensive research of a particular person, organization, incident, or community. Data are usually obtained from a variety of publications using multiple approaches.

The detail is specifically biographical and refers to incidents in the history of a person, and also some important occurrences happening during his or her everyday situations.

The significance of case studies include the following. However, if you are confused, ask others to process your write my paper request in no time.

  • The far more obvious feature of case studies would be that they allow for an evidence-based examination. Unlike independent analysis methods that provide more of an overview (through interviews), a case study gives an investigator the ability to choose a variety of resources towards one question. This allows space or time for developing a thorough understanding of the problem, creating a sound foundation on which to examine in greater depth the variables that affect the case study.
  • Furthermore, case studies provide a variety of viewpoints as contrasted to a common perception of a person that you get from questionnaire responses or conversation with. This facilitates a clearer view of the issue at the question and eliminates the possibility of some prejudice by reducing a single individual action plan.
  • The analysis for the case studies on the on-going issues involved face-to-face discussions with up to five team members from different social housing agencies and public entities through third-party consulting agencies. Lastly, the method often includes in-depth empirical and financial studies, as well as a focus group of individuals inside each case study design.

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