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Are you writing a persuasive or an argumentative essay? Are you thinking of skipping the refutation paragraph? Are you worried that the refutation paragraph would weaken your position in the essay? Do you not know how to add a refutation paragraph in your essay? If all these questions are popping in your head, an essay writer should hang on and read this blog.

The purpose of your persuasive essay is to convince the readers to agree to your thesis. You can do that by presenting effective and strong arguments supporting your thesis. However, people may not align with your thesis. They might think that you are taking a narrow view. You can address this by presenting the viewpoints of the opposition that are in disharmony with your thesis. Of course, you will refute them but it would make the public believe that you are impartial. Readers would readily agree to your thesis now, as they would know that you have looked at both sides of the argument before taking a position.

Refutation Paragraph

Are you thinking of adding another paragraph supporting your thesis instead of a refutation paragraph? Woah, dude, you are making a huge mistake. Stop, don’t you skip the refutation paragraph. I know you do not want to add a refutation paragraph in your essay as you do not want to acknowledge the viewpoint of the opposition. Well, they might be making stupid and silly claims but you have to show academic integrity here. You should respectfully state the opposing point of view, a counter-argument, if you do not want your readers to think of you as a narrow-minded person.

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Nothing is embarrassing about that, but take my advice and work on your academic tolerance, it is handy. Off the record, I would like to tell you my story that when I used to get too much essay writing workload at college and I had to work at a restaurant for a part-time job, I often asked my close friends to write my essay for me. You can also do that if you are facing hard times, but make sure to read and bring some modifications to others' work before submitting it. As you may be questioned for it by your teacher; if they had any doubt over your writing style.

What to write in the refutation paragraph?

I am glad you have finally decided to write a refutation paragraph. You should know that a refutation paragraph has the following elements:

  • Introducing the opposing position: you should clearly and briefly summarize the viewpoint of the opposition. Probably the readers already know about the opposing point of view therefore, you should better present it in your essay. It will only add to your credibility. You may open with “some critics would say…” or “skeptics may argue…,” etc. If you are confused about writing impressive content, consult the best essay writing service now.
  • Acknowledging: You might find it hard to agree with me on this, but there will be some truth to the opposing point of view. You should agree to the valid aspects of their argument and then state if they are weaker than your claims.
  • Refuting: Now you will raise various objections on different faulty claims of the opposition. You will invalidate the counter-argument by providing a counter-argument. You can start refuting the opposing argument by using signal words like but, nevertheless, or however, etc.
  • Support: Here you should support whatever you said in the rebuttal of the counter-argument. You can provide researched facts, quote some authority in the subject, or reason to support your claim. You can begin this part simply by using the signal word because.
  • Conclude: Now it is time to wrap up the refutation paragraph. You can do it by doing a compare and contrast analysis of the opposing viewpoint and yours. You should demonstrate that your thesis can resolve the issues from the opposing point of view. You write the final concluding sentence by use of transition words like therefore, or resultantly, etc.

This complete guide will help you add refutations in the paragraphs effectively. If you are still confused, consult an essay writer service now.

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