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One of the popular sayings goes “There is no point in reinventing the wheel”. Whichever field we may have in front of us, the sentence holds true because the discoveries and research that we may be trying to perform might already have been done before. But there is always room to fill the gap that may exist in the present level of research. So, how would you know where to focus on the research? Simple, just perform a literature review to give weightage to your paper and find something new. Follow the following rules to write an amazing review.


  • Take some time to focus on the topic in your particular field. Having a broad topic would make review difficult and tedious while a narrow one would leave no room to explore
  • Make use of credible sources and scholarly websites to find best-related information. This would give you an idea where the present world might stand
  • Begin to note down each essential point from within the articles you come across. This way, it would be impossible to leave out anything useful.
  • Some of the necessary information includes what the topic is about, how was the study performed, and what were the results if any. If you find it difficult to answer these questions, then a professional paper writing service could demonstrate how to write a literature review for your ease and convenience. Just provide your requirements and the rest would be done for you so that you may proceed with your given assignment.
  • As much as the topic is important, the audience is also essential. You must know who would be reading the paper and what level of depth might they be demanding. This would provide you with an idea of how much to delve deep into the actual research.
  • Begin to organize all that which you find before beginning to write the review. This would give your paper a more cohesive look. You could set the data chronologically, topic-wise, or area wise. This is entirely up to your requirements.
  • Conduct thorough research so that you may have not left anything out which could be significantly useful to your review.
  • Try to focus on more recent studies as times tend to change various subjects significantly. It is the latest idea that you would be mainly concerned with but there is no need to forget the older experts. Take essential extracts from the older studies to show how your topic developed to what it is now. Then, it would be easy to follow on and depict how you would change it in the future.
  • Now, as you begin to write, keep your outline with you and start to follow it properly. This would provide you with a sound base to develop your entire literature review.
  • As you begin to write, you must remember that you are trying to prove a point. It could either be to strengthen an already research topic or fill in the gap between the studies that currently exist. Whatever the case, scrutinize and criticize the literature that you review. You have to be sure of the points that might lack in certain areas and take it as the opportunity to produce something new.

A literature review is a matter of properly identifying the points present in the current studies and then making use of it to write your own paper. It mainly depends upon what is demanded in your final document. An essay writer just has to keep that in mind before he begin to write a single word. No need to rush it because you may miss something useful in the haste. Comprehend, analyze, criticize, and then write a unique and worthy paper.

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