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Writing a perfect impactful research essay is not a child’s play; especially at the graduate or postgraduate level. You need to write something new and unique in your paper. For instance, If you are writing a paper about medical sciences then you also have to give a cure for disease too. Or, if a disease is already curable then you will suggest a cheap alternative cure. But conducting all that research can be overwhelming, especially if you get multiple assignments piled up.

You will face many challenges while writing your research paper, starting with finding the right data for your essay. Students often consider it a challenge because it takes a lot of time to write an essay that you may not have. The issue is you cannot write a paper in a hurry because you might end up with a paper with weak arguments or findings.

It would automatically result in poor grades. That is why it is important to understand how to write a good paper. Take help from a paper writing service if you must, but don’t churn out a weak paper. Here, I am narrowing down some simple steps and by following them, I am sure you would be able to write a very good paper.

Step 1: Get familiar with your topic

Your paper topic should be simple and understandable; if you attempted to complete a complex topic then you might end up getting low grades. Before selecting the topic carefully read the prompts and grading rubric; it is the only way to secure good grades.

Step 2: Pick a topic

Once you have understood the topic then decide what you want to write in your paper. Try to pick a research topic that interests you the most. It will be easier for you and will help you to write a good paper in the long run.

Step 3: Research

Detailed research is required before writing your paper. Moreover, the scope and area of your research would depend upon your prompt. You can include both secondary and primary data in your research if it suits well. Remember that there is a lot of invalid information available online which you have to ignore; so try to find relevant and current data. You can get good information by reading multiple articles from different sources on the same topic.

Step 4: Narrow down your research

During your research you would find a lot of data that you cannot incorporate in your essay; the easy way is to narrow it down to a specific research question. There is no point to write all that information if it would not impress the reader.

Step 5: Create an outline

The pattern of your outline depends on the nature of the assignment. Sometimes it is not necessary to write one but it would help you to organize your argument. For the reader, it would also help to understand your paper as it outlines present information in a precise manner.

Step 6: Introduction

It is an important part of your paper in which you would summarize all arguments and narrow it down on a specific statement. You can also discuss your paper topic generally with background knowledge so that the reader can have a basic idea about your paper.

Step 7: Form a thesis statement

It means an essay writer has to articulate your arguments in a specific way whether you are writing a simple essay. In this statement, you would try to tell the reader what you are trying to prove. A good statement must be assertive with a valid claim.

Step 8: Body paragraphs

You would present all your arguments in this part by justifying your thesis statement. Most of the time it includes three paragraphs with supporting arguments backed by facts and figures. A graduate research paper would also typically involve presenting your research methodology, data analysis, and results before interpreting your findings. The length of this part may vary depending upon your paper.

Step 9: Conclusion and References

In conclusion, you would summarize all arguments by reinstating your thesis statement. Try not to write anything new in this part otherwise, the reader would get confused. Remember you are concluding everything in it so be precise and coherent. Your last page would include sources from where you have gathered your data.

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