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Have you been caught up in different kinds of essays and can’t find a way out? Indeed, there is hardly any consensus regarding the categories of essays. You may have come across several websites that offer different versions of all the kinds of essays that you need to be aware of. Some go as far as to present such a long list that it can make your head spin.

The truth is, there is no need to memorize a bunch of types. There are only four basic ‘types of the essay’ that you need to keep in mind. Every essay lies under one heading or another. There can be safely declared to represent all the different kinds of academic essays that you may come across.

Once you know these, you can easily find your way around an essay that has been assigned to you or you can always ask others to write my essay.

It does seem Dull…

Academic writing can be tough. I admit, it has little to offer for the interest of the students who have no choice but to feel a bit resentful towards the barrage of essays that threatens to annihilate the beauty and relaxation of their lives.

An essay writer has to think positively about academic essays because as a student and as a scholar, he will not be getting rid of it all his life. The way that you learn and understand something changes a lot. A good foundation and healthy concepts can alter your attitude towards your essay. You will find that you don’t hate essays at all if you follow these simple steps to learning…

Expository Essays are Innocently Straightforward

An expository is very simple to understand. You have a topic, you research it and try to understand all the facts and evidence. Your goal is to inform yourself and come up with a concept that you have gathered from your learning experience. You reach a conclusion that is purely informative.

Narrative Essays are like Stories (Except that They are Essays)

When you write a narrative essay, you make sure that you, well, narrate (I told you it would be easy…). When you have to talk about an experience or an event, this is the go-to type.

Descriptive Essays Portray a Picture…

This is the most interesting essay that you will come across. A descriptive essay can be as creative as you want it to be. Your goal is to offer a vivid description of the topic of your choice (or your professor’s). You have to adopt any means necessary to get the description across to the reader. It will be like painting a picture with your words…

Argumentative/Persuasive Essays Stress a Particular Point

Some people like to put these two in separate categories of their own but the truth is that they are essentially the same. Both stress a certain viewpoint that you may have and move heaven and earth (within the constraints of academic writing) to bring the reader around to whatever it is that you want to take a stand for…

The difference between an argumentative and persuasive essay is that persuasive essays tend to focus on rhetoric while argumentative ones stick to the facts and evidence to present a point of view.

All of the types follow the same basic structure of introduction, body, and conclusion that revolves around a thesis statement. There are different names that you may come across. For example, critical essays, analytical essays, rhetorical analysis essays, and countless others. These are nothing but fancy names for these basic types. In case you need any help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

You have understood but you are so late that there is no way you can take care of the demands of an essay right now. Or it could be that you are not equipped with all it takes to be good at writing or at writing in English. Whatever It is that is keeping you away from good grades, an online essay writing service can solve it. Get your essay written by a professional writer…

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