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Analytical essays are a bit tricky. Everyone has to write an analytical essay during their academic life at college or university. Your instructor may ask you to write an analytical essay on a movie, book, research paper, historical event, current event, or might allow you to choose from a wide range of analytical essay topics. Analytical essays are different from an expository and argumentative essay.

Many of the students complain that when they sit to write an analytical essay they keep staring at the computer screen or their notepads, as they do not know where to start. Well, outlining your analytical essay would not only get you started but would also ease down the difficulty level.

Some smart rules to write an outstanding analytical essay outline, which an essay writer can follow the next time the instructor asks him to write an analytical essay are as follows:

  • Know what an analytical essay is: If you are smart you should first know what an analytical essay is before you begin worrying about what to write or how to write. An analytical essay, you critically analyze a given source that maybe a movie, research article, or a book. you are not supposed to write a summary of the given document but rather critically analyze it.
  • Choose a topic of your interest: Many times students are given the freedom to choose an analytical essay topic of their choice. You should select a topic that you are really interested in and can understand and analyze it easily. If you find it difficult to choose a topic, ask an essay writer service to help you with it.
  • Read the document: you should thoroughly read the respective book, paper, or article that you would have to analyze in your essay. If it is a movie, watch it carefully and with full attention.
  • Make notes while reading the document: While you are at reading the document, you should make notes of whatever interesting things or facts you find in the respective document. If it is a movie you should note the critical dialogues and scenes from the movie. Also, note the time at which an event is happening in the movie, this would help if you had to watch it again.
  • Know the structure of an analytical essay: There may be a way to organize an analytical essay. However, every essay would have the following three sections:
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion

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  • Know how to write an introduction: An introduction is a very important part of your essay. Therefore, you must know the rules of composing an outline introduction. In your outline you should write the following things in the introduction section:
    • Hook statement: Here you should hook the interest of the readers in your essay.
    • Crafting a thesis statement: Here comes the main idea of your essay. You should try to keep it clear and concise.
    • Backing up your thesis: Here you should let your readers know that how are you going to prove your thesis statement. You will elaborate on these points in the body paragraphs to prove your claim.
  • Writing the body paragraphs: While composing the body paragraphs you should keep the following elements and order in mind:
    • Start with a strong topic sentence
    • Make a strong claim
    • Cite evidence to support your claim
    • Establish a link between the topic sentence and the evidence
  • Concluding the essay: The concluding paragraph is as important as is the introduction of your essay. Therefore, you should write it very carefully. Keep the rules in mind while writing the conclusion:
    • Start the conclusion by restating the thesis statement without copying it.
    • Afterward, you should give a summary of all the main points that you discussed in the body paragraphs
    • Wrap it up by linking these points to the thesis statement
    • End with a quote from the document or by relating it to the real world

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