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Bibliography writing is common in colleges and universities. The teachers teach an essay writer about it so you can be prepared for your final year thesis. Also, this task helps students to enhance their critical analysis skills as they are required to evaluate various components of the source in this task. So, how much do you know about bibliography writing?

Before discussing the structure of bibliography writing you have to understand what exactly it is. An annotated bibliography is a brief explanation of the source along with its complete citation or research information. There are a few steps required that students have to follow to complete their bibliography writing perfectly. These steps are discussed below so you can learn more about it or you can ask others to write my essay.

Make a List of Sources

The first step is to search for the sources that you want to evaluate. Most of the time teachers provide you articles or links to the sources that you have to cater to. However, if you are doing a research essay or thesis paper then you have to select sources on your own. Therefore, collect sources relevant to the topic and make a list. You have to list your sources alphabetically. You cannot add sources randomly as proper structure and sequence are required to make it efficient.

Use One Particular Format

Check the instructions of the professor and find out which format he has asked you to follow. This is because the bibliography writing of the sources changes according to the format style. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most common formats used for this assignment but if the professor has chosen one specific format then proceed to your work accordingly. Many students don't know about the formatting so they can take help from a reliable essay writing service. Professional essay writers of such services provide you with quality work that fulfills all the professor’s requirements.

Add Summary

Now it's time to write the main content that is based on various components. You have to start a summary by telling about the author, topic, and the main question of the source. Further, write about the methodology, analysis method, and findings of the source. In the end, discuss the significance of the source and its relevance to your work.

You have to write all these components in 100 to 150 words only. You can write a long or shorter summary only if the professor asks you to follow a specific word count. Whatever the length of the summary, these mentioned points should be addressed in it.

Give Reason for Source Selection

Many students consider bibliography writing and literature review as the same things; however, both are different tasks. In the literature review, you write about the information already written in the source and don't add your personal opinion. However, in bibliography writing, you have to give a reason for selecting it. You can write about source credibility and reliability as a reason. Otherwise, you can relate its information to your topic and highlight the points that you are going to use in your essay. In this way, readers can easily relate the source to your topic.

Bonus Tips

While doing bibliography writing remove hyperlinks from the annotations. Also, read the abstract first because the abstract is the summary of the source. From there you can easily pick up the important points that you can discuss in your bibliography. Furthermore, read the conclusion of the source carefully so you can analyze the answer to the thesis statement. These two sections are important for your bibliography because most of the information can be used from there.

Last but not the least, don't forget to recheck your work when finished. Proofread and edit your assignment and make sure that no component is missing from each source’s summary. Complete your task and you are ready to submit it. You can also ask a paper writing service to proofread it for you. Good luck!

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