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Citations. Oh, boy! This is gonna be fun. I love talking about citations because I became an expert on them in my college life. So, I can tell you all that I need you to know.

We are going to be focusing on MLA style today. You probably know many citation styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, AMA, etc. Well, we will look at MLA because it is the easiest to understand.

Then you can move towards the more complex styles.

Just know that these are common mistakes that everyone makes. So, unless you want to pay for an essay to an essay writer, you need to look at your paper and look for them. All of them.

Here they are.

Mistake #1: The Italics and Non-Italics

When you are writing a Works Cited page for your MLA style citations, you need to understand certain words are italicized and some aren’t.

You see, the names of journals or websites are usually the ones italicized. Other things such as author name, publishing company name, etc., are written normally.

Nothing is written in bold. Nothing.

Mistake #2: Citation Mismatch

Sometimes, our in-text citations do not match the references we put on the works cited page.

So, here is how it works.

The in-text citation for MLA contains the name of the author. This name is the first thing that appears in the reference at the end of your paper.

Both these things must correspond with one another. If you face any issue related to citation, simply say write my essay for me to the essay writing service writers.

Mistake #3: Web Addresses

In MLA, we do not need to give the web address to our sources. We do not need to mention where the source is present like we do in Harvard style.

We just have to give the information on that source, even if it is an article from the New York Times.

But if your professor asks to provide the link, then do so.

Mistake #4: Citing Multiple Authors

Ok, so this is super confusing, so you best pay attention.

If it’s just two authors, then you separate their names with a comma.

If it’s like three or more authors, you just have to use the first author’s last name and then add “et al.” after it. Like: (Smith et al.)

This would be the in-text citation.

Mistake #5: The Publishing Date

We do not write the date of publication in MLA style in-text citations. Nope. We only mention this date on the works cited page but not in the in-text citations.

The in-text citation will contain the last name of the author or authors as mentioned above.

That’s it. It will be like: (Williams). No more details.

Mistake #6: Page Number

If you are asked to write in MLA 8th edition style, your in-text citation will include the page number with the author.

So, “(Williams)” becomes “(Williams 67)” where 67 is the page number on which you found the information that you are quoting or paraphrasing.

In the case of poetry, this will become the paragraph number. With the help of paper writing service writers, you will easily format your academic assignment.

Mistake #7: Differences Between Sources

Most people tend to mix up journal articles with normal articles and academic papers with newspapers.

All of these are actually very different from one another. And it is because they are different that they have different rules for citations.

You can’t apply the rules for citing a newspaper on citing a journal article. It doesn’t work like that.

Thus, concludes our affair.

I hope this was useful. If you want something a little more detailed, then find an essay writing service. They will write you a reference page in any style that you want. Not just MLA.

In this way, you will get a clear picture of what a professional citation looks like.

So, good luck with that, and I hope that you too become a pro at this.

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