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A speech is a formal way to address that is delivered by a person to his audience. The speech can hold the audience's attention with an appropriate choice of expressions, words, and examples. At the same time, it is also very important to not deviate from the main subject and keep in mind that it’s a speech. An essay writer needs to start the draft by addressing the audience and end with a sentence thanking the audience.

Keep in mind!

Who is your audience?

What will your speech be going to deliver?

It is also important to note here that your speech sentences should not contain more than 10-12 words. Planning is very important before you give a speech. Suppose you are planning to build your house; you would require a blueprint or plan to follow. This plan will show you exactly where every window, wall, door, and stairway needs to be located to start construction properly. Just as blueprints and plans are important to builders, so are outlining for effective speakers.

State-specific purpose of a speech

Remember! the speech specific purpose should be written in a full infinitive phrase that starts with the words “To persuade my audience” or “To inform my audience”. This statement should be narrowed so that you effectively cover your topic and meet the time constraints. Keep in mind! you will not say the statement of specific purpose aloud, it’s only a statement of intent. If you need help, ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

State your Main Idea

Summarize in a single sentence what you expect to cover. It is what you will say during the speech introduction. Note: This statement should be written at two places: directly at outline top and beneath the statement of specific purpose and one point in your introduction.

Label your outline introduction, body and conclusion

Labeling the speech parts not only ensures that all sections are complete but also helps professors to locate where you are speaking. You can also get assistance from an essay writing service to complete an outline for you.

Use a Consistent Pattern of Indentation and Symbolization

Consistency is very important as it’s important to recognize all focal points. One of the objectives which you need to accomplish through your outline is to organize all ideas. If you list all facts randomly then it becomes difficult to accomplish your objectives. Traditionally you identified the main points with Roman numerals and started at the left margin.

State all key Points

Using vague labels does not indicate your speech content that you plan to explain to your audience. Stating all key points in full sentences will ensure that you have successfully developed your ideas. Now here is a good speech format that you may use for writing an awesome speech.

Specific Purpose:

  • State what you want to accomplish in your speech.
  • Present your central idea in one sentence


  • Establish credibility
  • Label your introduction to demonstrate it as a separate section
  • Add attention-getting sentence
  • Relate to audience
  • State your main idea and preview your main points.
  • Add transition here


Label this section to identify this as a separate section

  1. 1. Add first main point as a full sentence
  1. A. Add sub-point of your first main point
  1. 2. Add second main point here
  1. B. Add a second sub-point.
  1. 3. Add the third main point here
  1. C. Add sub-point here


  1. I. Label this section to differentiate it from the speech body.
  2. II. Restate speech main idea & summarize all important points
  3. III. End with a call to action sentence.


Now provide a list of sources that you have used while preparing your speech. It is more appropriate to use the MLA format. The key is accuracy, presentation clarity, and consistency.

Your bibliography demonstrates the efforts that you have put in for researching and also reflects your credibility.

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