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Do you have to write a speech for an approaching event? I understand that delivering a speech could be a very cumbersome task if you have never done it before. But you need to calm down. It is as easy as writing an essay and you can easily do it. In this blog, I would share the format of an effective speech and would also share the fundamentals of speech writing.

A lot of world leaders have been famous because they knew the art of writing and delivering speeches. To number a few, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Winston Churchill owe their fame to their skills of oratory skills. You can also write a speech like these famous orators if you can successfully follow the lessons shared in this blog.

Preparing for speech writing

Before you begin writing your speech, you need to know what the audience would be expecting from you in this speech. If you are given the liberty to choose your own topic, I would suggest you stay away from controversial and political topics. You should choose a neutral topic that is somehow associated with you.

You should know your audience. You should know if the audience is aware of the background of your topic. You should know what the event is about, on which you are going to deliver your speech. Listen to speeches previously made by people in that event. The most important thing that a speaker must plan for before writing a speech is devising a speech format. You should select a topic and start making notes as soon as you get to know about the speech duration you would have in that event. Do some online research to gather data and information on the topic, so that you would be able to give a strong impression to the listeners/readers. Now that you have collected the data, let’s move on to the speech format.

Speech Format

Like an essay, a speech also consists of the following three parts:

  • Introduction: Like in essay writing you should begin the introduction of speech by writing a hook statement that would capture the attention of the audience. You can open with a joke, an anecdote, or a strong statement. After that, you should introduce yourself. You should establish your credibility on the topic so that people should listen to you. You should also clearly state the purpose of your speech in the introduction and give an overview of the audience what the speech is going to be about.
  • Body: The body should make around seventy percent of your speech. In the body, you elaborate on the main points that you shared in the introduction. You should organize the body of your speech according to the purpose of your speech. In the preparation of the speech, you will have made some notes, bring them out and shortlist a few main points that you would talk about in your speech. Try to focus on a single point in one paragraph. Discuss these main points in a proper flow, so that the audience can easily understand them. Share anecdotes and examples from your personal life to make things clear and keep people engaged. An essay writer should begin every paragraph with a topic sentence and must provide sufficient evidence to support his claims.
  • Conclusion: At the end summarize all the main points that you discussed in your speech. All these points should be supporting your takeaway statement. Look at the introduction of your speech and write a corresponding conclusion. It would be great if you end it with an anecdote that corresponds to the joke or story that you shared in the introduction.

Now that you have written an organized speech, you should practice it in front of a few friends or in front of the mirror in your bedroom.

Get on the stage with your head held high and deliver a mind-blowing speech, just like you did in front of the mirror.

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