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Sometimes, we do not know where to begin when we make a speech. Not only we are not sure about the topic but we are unable to make an impression on the audience. Therefore, it becomes vital that we follow a speech format so that we are able to achieve the goals that we have set for our speech.

Speech format template must be used in the speech. This serves as an outline that would help as an essay writer to remember what to be included and in what sequence. The format template for a speech can be:

Speech Format Template

I. Introduction

A. Attention Device—How can I gain the attention of the audience?

1. This can be a poem, a quote, a rhetorical question, a story, etc…

2. Should be about 30 sec.

B. Thesis Statement—What is my speech about?

1. 1-2 sentences introducing your topic to your audience

C. Forecast of Main points—What are my 3-5 speaking points

1. 1-2 Sentences telling the audience what points you will be covering

2. Thesis and Forecast should be about 30 sec. together

D. Link to First point—How I get into my 1st main point.

1. 1 or 2 sentences written to transition into the body and 1st point

2. Entire Intro should be 1-1:30 seconds

II. Body (3-5 Main Points)

A. Point #1—Description of 1st point with sub-points





B. Point #2

C. Point #3

1-1:30 for each point or more

III. Conclusion (Should be 1-1:30 seconds long)

A. Summary of Main Points

1. 1-2 sentences summarizing the points you have just talked about

B. Restate Thesis

1. 1-2 sentences rephrasing your thesis for the audience

C. Clincher—ties to attention device, “Tying the Bow on the Package.”

1. Can be a story, quote, poem, answer to your opening question, etc…

Example of a Speech:

Topic: “Is Technology increasing or decreasing our thinking abilities?”

It is possible to imagine that human nature, the human intellect, emotions, and feelings are completely independent of our technologies; that we are essentially ahistorical beings with one constant human nature that has remained the same throughout history or even pre-history? Sometimes evolutionary psychologists—those who believe human nature was fixed on the Pleistocene Savannah—talk this way. I think this is demonstrably wrong.

Consider ancient technologies, for example, cooking. When ancient hunter-gatherers discovered that firing their meat would not only make it tastier but could make their food easier to digest, it had a number of knock-on effects. It made parts of an animal carcass that were previously inedible edible, and also made it possible to preserve food longer. But this was not only a culinary but a cognitive success. Why? Because of the amount of time our ancestors had to spend finding, hunting, and butchering their food. Thus maintaining life could be reduced making time available to invest in other activities such as thinking. Thanks to cooking, new time became available to prehistoric humans to plan, to consider, and invent other even more liberating technologies—or even to fritter away drawing bison and mammoths on the walls of caves.

However, we cannot deny the fact that technology has made us weak and somewhat lazy. Related to cooking, people prefer to use canned food products instead of growing their own. Many do not cook or clean on a daily basis, preferring to eat old and often stale food out of sheer laziness. This monotonous routine can change our thinking abilities if we are not careful enough. Technology has helped to sustain humanity. Now, it must be used in a moderate amount to help in its survival.

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