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Has your professor ever asked about writing an abstract before submitting your assignments or research papers?

Ever thought about the importance of writing an abstract?

Well, to write an abstract you surely need to know its importance and required standards first. Let’s start with the basics or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

An abstract refers to a short summary of your overall paper. Looking up its literal meaning in the dictionary, you will get to know that it implies being ‘drawn away’. So you can surely assume its significance from here that it’s a practice to extract the main ideas from your paper so that your reader will obtain a basic overview of the contents. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and re-check whether you have provided enough information or not.

An essay writer can also be asked to write a précis or a synopsis in some papers. Don’t worry, they are the same category and also fall within the realm of abstract writing. If your abstract is poorly written then it’s for sure that your audience won’t be much interested in reading out your paper further.

Let’s discuss some prerequisites that can make your abstract compelling yet readable to your readers. This article will also guide you about how to write an abstract and will assist you step-by-step. Just remember a rule of thumb that it should not exceed the required word limit. Its word limit will vary according to the subject, word count, and the needs of the publisher.

Length of your abstract

As mentioned above, the length of your abstract may vary. However, the standard length will consist of 100-500 words. Though it is highly recommended that your abstract may not exceed one page. It can be extended but fewer words on the next.

  1. As per the American Psychological Association format (APA);

    According to APA style, it should be between 100-250 words that imply a half-page. Nonetheless, if your professor guides you about additional requirements it's always better to ask. Remember, your abstract will be written in paragraph form.

  2. As per the Modern Language Association of America (MLA);

    According to the MLA style, it should be between 100-250 words. However, lengthy abstracts are never appreciated because they fail to provide the actual information that an effective abstract is supposed to do.

  3. As per the Harvard style

    According to the Harvard style, it must range between 100-300 words. However, it is better to ask your professor because each institution has its own prerequisites for writing an abstract.

  4. As per the American Medical Association (AMA);

    As per AMA, the abstract word count is limited to 175 words only. Those points must be the core highlights of your paper.

  5. As per Chicago style;

    As per the Chicago style, the word count must remain less than 300 words. Although, it is mandatory to add all the fundamental points that will depict the main idea of your paper.

  6. For a scientific research paper;

    Since every paper has its own standards, a scientific paper is limited to 250 word-count. Well, it’s a better move to write fewer words than the required limit.

  7. For 10,000 words research paper;

    As mentioned above, the abstract is always accommodated as per the overall word limit of your paper. However, if it’s about 10,000 words research paper then your abstract will comprise 300-350 words long. It will include the main ideas and other highlights of your paper.

  8. For a conference paper: 250 words maximum
  9. For thesis: 200-350 words maximum
  10. For a journal article: 75-150 words
  11. For the lab report: 100-200 words
  12. For literature review: 100-150 words
  13. For a presentation: 200-250 words
  14. Any random paper: 100-500 words

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