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As compared to other essays, writing a definition essay may be a bit challenging and difficult. Writing a definition essay is a critical task as well. Because it will require you to give your personal yet academic definition of your main subject. In other words, writing a definition essay is a critical job because you have to look at and cover two (2) aspects of your subject when writing it. Where one is writing a personal definition of your subject. While another is giving an academic definition of your subject at the same time.

In the definition essay, the definition of your subject or a specific word should be lengthy and thorough. It is necessary that one should select a word that would offer you a huge gap to write about it. While there are very few standardized tricks one can use to describe as well as elaborate the term.

Professional writers say that you (students) can start writing a definition essay with a definition. But it should not be a definition given by someone else. This means you cannot pick a definition given by others and write it to start your essay. But the definition should be your own developed definition. Simply, you can give your definition of the term or subject at the start of your essay.

But still, there is a kind of conflict between the views and opinions of a professional essay writer and even some authors about starting a definition essay with a definition. Hence, we should not look for everyone’s opinion while we should analyze and answer this concern with extreme care.

To understand why we should start a definition essay with a definition, it is important to understand the structure used to write definition essays. Hence, below is the structure one must follow when writing definition essays or you can ask others to write my essay .

1. Introducing the standard definition

The very first part of your essay will be the part where standard definition will be introduced. Here, you should clearly say what your term or word is. You should state it along with its dictionary or traditional definition in the introduction section of your essay.

· By stating the dictionary definition of the word or term, you will develop a basic understanding and context about the term or word. It would also enable you to introduce and describe your own definition. Remember, you can always hire a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

2. Defining the word/term in your own wording

The next section of your essay should properly define the word or term. But it should be defined in your own words and will be defined in the thesis of your essay. It means that the actual thesis should define your term in your own words. But make sure to keep your definition basic, concise, and brief in this section. Because it would be elaborated in the body section of your essay.

3. Separate parts of the definition into paragraphs (body section)

It is the body section of your essay where you separate parts of your definition into different paragraphs. Every strategy or approach used for defining the terms must be explored in each paragraph of the body section.

Keep in mind; you will stick to one method/approach when elaborating the definition of the term or word

4. Conclude the main points of the definition

The last section of your essay should be the conclusion of your definition with a short summary of key points. In this section, you will summarize the main points when starting the concluding paragraph. Draw your definition here with the help of a closing statement.

Based on the information and analysis above as well as the statement “you should clearly say what your term or word is” , you can start your essay with a definition. But the basic understanding developed by you should be followed strictly. Also, it will enable you to develop a basic understanding and context about the term. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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