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I used to despise the Chicago style a long, long time ago.

I hated it because of its footnotes and all its complications.

That is until I learned how to do formatting in Chicago style. Then I realized that it is rather convenient. And I bet the same thing can happen to you if you only read this article.

Because I can tell you all about handling the Chicago format, you will be writing essays in this format in no time at all. So, let us get you acquainted with the Chicago format.

Here is what you need to do.

Step #1: Layout

First of all, an essay writer will need to set the layout of the paper. In Chicago style, you will do this by setting the margins at 1 inch on all sides. Then when you have to select a font, make sure that you go with Times New Roman.

The font size should be 12, and the paragraphs should be indented.

Step #2: Numbering

The page number of your document will come at the top right corner of the page. Always. You can also include your last name there if you feel like it.

It is a good practice and looks professional.

Also, if you are writing numbers in the paper, then write them out. Like you should write one, two, three instead of 1, 2, 3.

Step #3: Cover Page

Much like the other styles, the Chicago format also has a cover page that contains your basic info.

This info is written right in the middle of the page. First comes your name, then your professor’s name.

Beneath that, the course title and the date should come after giving a few spaces.

There should be no page number on this page.

Step #4: Footnotes

These are the notes that come at the bottom of every page in Chicago format. Most of the time, these notes contain references to the source used in the text.

But sometimes, they give additional information on a topic. Anything that the reader would not know about.

These notes are numbered.

Step #5: Endnotes

Endnotes are written exactly like footnotes. Really. Sometimes your professor will ask you to use endnotes, while other times, they will tell you to use footnotes.

There is only one difference. The endnotes are written at the end of your paper, while the footnotes are written at the end of each page.

Otherwise, they are similarly numbered, and there is no other difference. Get help from the paper writing service if you need it.

Step #6: The Bibliography

You call this “Work Cited” in MLA and “References” in APA. It’s the same thing. This is where you put all the references you use in your paper.

This page is actually optional because you have already put the information in the footnotes.

But if you are asked to make a bibliography, then just copy the footnotes and remove any repetitions. Ask someone to write my essay for me if you are stuck in any writing phase.

Step #7: Check the Order

In the end, you will check the order of things. The cover page should be first. This should be followed by the paper, which will include the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Then comes the bibliography. Every page will, of course, include the footnotes. If not then endnotes, after the paper is done.

But the bibliography always comes at the end. So make sure the references there are in alphabetical order.

So, that is that.

Use these guidelines to write a paper in Chicago format. They won’t fail you. And if they do, then use an essay writing service. They will most assuredly never fail you.

Really, I have tried those services, and they are amazing. You will never have to struggle with another paper again because they can teach you to write the best ones.

So, go and search for a legit writing company then.

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