Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Successful Research Paper Outline

A research paper is referred to as the type of writing which is based on analysis, argumentation, and interpretation-based deep research. Research papers and academic essays are almost similar. A research paper is more detailed as these not only examine your writing skills but also assess your skills of research. A good research paper depends upon the deep knowledge of a topic, access to a variety of sources, and the own contribution to the debate. The research paper outline is a significant part of the research paper as it explains the content and structure of the paper.

To provide an essay writing service, a writer or researcher would have to follow some initial steps when writing an outline of a research paper.

Selection of topic

The selection of an appropriate topic is the most significant step in writing a research paper. The topic should be interesting and provoking for the readers.

Statement of arguments

The whole research paper depends upon the statement of arguments that you want to support. It consists of the questions which you would answer in the whole research.


Definition of audiences is also an important step in writing a research paper. While selecting the audience, the essay writer chooses the language, style, and tone of the paper. As the tone and style of the research paper depend upon the audience, you choose.

Proper Research

Do proper research on the topic you have selected. Skim several sources in order to support your arguments.

A Research Paper Outline

The outline of the research paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction is the most significant part of the research paper. It depends upon the introduction of whether the reader will continue to read the paper or will leave it. An intriguing and informative introduction should consist of three parts.

Hook:A hook in the introduction is usually five sentences long. It is the part of the paper that develops an interest in the reader to read a specific paper. Interesting and provoking hooks to increase the importance of the research paper.

Audience: Audiences get selected in the pre-writing steps of a research paper. In the introduction, the writer explains to the readers why they are the target audiences. In that matter, the whole text and introduction of the research paper should be relatable to the audience.

Thesis Statement:It includes the statement of your arguments. You clarify what is going to be discussed in the paper. The thesis statement should always be simple and clear. It consists of a claim and the reasons to justify the claim.

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The most significant part of the research paper outline is the body of the paper. It is the larger section of the paper. The length of the body of the research paper depends upon the number of arguments you have. All evidence that supports your arguments is included in the body of the research paper outline. It does not include anything which has no evidence to prove it. Counter-arguments are also presented in the main body of the essay. All the counterarguments get proved with the evidence and proper sources. The tone of the paper should be consistent from the first sentence of the paper to the last one.


The conclusion of a research paper depends upon the summary of the principal arguments which have been discussed in the paper. The conclusion should not be long and should address all the important points. New arguments should not be introduced in the conclusion of a research paper. It includes just the restatement of major arguments, and there is no need to provide evidence of them. It provokes the readers to take action about a specific issue. If someone asks you to write my paper based on research, all the mentioned steps need to be followed.

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