Steps to Create a Five-Paragraph Essay–Guide

Essay writing is not an effortless task. A lot of planning, brainstorming, and organization goes into writing a perfect essay. Along with essays being of various types, understanding the format, tone, and target content of each essay type is important. As a result, students often struggle with writing good essays.

Especially for people whose critical skills are a bit lacking and who are not confident of their writing skills, essay writing can become an overwhelming task. Thankfully, there are many platforms available that provide essay writing service. People can avail the services of experts there and get immaculately written essays on brief notice.

If you are looking to develop essay writing skills yourself, there is no need to worry. All an essay writer needs is a bit of practice and understanding of the format to produce a quality essay. We have outlined for you some critical steps through which you can develop your five-paragraph essay.

  1. 1) Identify Your Topic

    The first step to write an essay is to have a clear idea of the topic which you are going to write about. Find something interesting to work upon, do your research by consulting scholarly sources, and develop your three principal arguments.

  2. 2) Develop an Outline

    Arranging your contents in a comprehensive outline is necessary to write a quality essay. For example, when I am to write my paper for me, I make sure that all of my researched content and arguments are organized in bullets. Having a detailed outline not only helps you in organizing your thoughts but allows for a smooth writing process.

  3. 3) Structure Your Essay

    The Standard Format of a Five-Paragraph Essay is as follows:

    1. I. Introduction and Thesis Statement

      The introductory paragraph includes an overall idea about your topic. In this paragraph, you can introduce background information to your topic and some general arguments related to it. Since it is a five-paragraph essay, you can also include your focal points that you will discuss in your body paragraph. The last sentence of your introduction includes a brief comprehensive thesis statement.

    2. II. 3- Main Body Paragraphs

      For the next three paragraphs, you will discuss your principal arguments outlined in the introduction. These principal arguments are mostly derived from the thesis statement. Organize your arguments from general to specific. One paragraph must include 1 argument, which is supported by evidence from relevant resources. Your three body paragraphs make the backbone of your essay. If they are not clearly outlined or structured, your whole essay can lose its appeal. Usually in guides narrating how to write an essay, the standard format to organize your body paragraph includes a topic sentence, supporting evidence from relevant resources followed by your subjective evaluation of the argument. It is also advised to make sure that your body paragraphs exceed the length of your introduction and conclusion combined.

    3. III. Conclusion

      You must revisit your thesis statement followed by the central points discussed in your conclusion. The conclusion is a closing paragraph of an essay where you can sum up the discussion above. In the conclusion, you can also add recommendations, suggestions, preventive measures, depending upon the topic.

  4. 4. Review and Proofread

    Once you are done with writing your essay, make sure to critically analyze the contents of your essay. Ask for peer-reviews to get a diversity of opinion in improving your arguments. Make sure to thoroughly check it for any grammar or spelling issues.

And Voila! You now have the perfect guide for yourself to write quality 5-paragraph essays with ease. And remember that perfection comes with practice.

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