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A definition essay is a kind of essay which includes the definition of specific words, terms, and phrases. This type of essay includes the analysis of a term by applying different implications and meanings to it. Some words have constant and globally recognized meanings such as pencil, chair, or table. While some terms like success, love, and truth, etc. are known as abstract ones. These abstract terms have different meanings according to different perspectives and implications of different people and communities. A definition essay is like a detailed dictionary explanation of a term but in an extended form.

If students or professionals hire someone from the paper writing service, they should follow the important steps to write a good definition essay. Some of the important steps to write a definition essay are given below:

Starting of an Essay

When you start to write a definition essay, consider the following things.

Disputable word: Select a unique term to explain in an essay. The best way is to write on a controversial or disputable term. The essay will become subjective as it includes the analysis of an essay writer. The essay will represent your ideas and arguments with supporting evidence.

Dictionary Definition: Find out the dictionary definition of a term that you have selected. According to the academic standard definition from the dictionary is the central point of the essay.

Research: Before writing an essay, you need to research the background of a word to find out its birth, evolution, and transformation.

Choose a Topic

Before selecting a topic to write an essay, be well aware of its meaning and origin. Creativity is always encouraged but never applies the wrong and opposite meaning to the word. You can apply different and unique meanings to a word but they all need to be correct. To highlight your point of view in the essay add examples as well. Play with the chosen topic and highlight different elements associated with it.

Craft an Outline

Just like other kinds of essays, always structure and plan the definition essay. The outline of the definition essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction starts with the dictionary definition of a word, term, or phrase. Describe the different relevant ideas and concepts to introduce your topic. Use interesting techniques in the introduction to attract the attention of readers on the topic. Never use irrelevant arguments in the introduction. Keep it brief and interesting.

Body Paragraphs

These paragraphs include the personal beliefs, ideas, and arguments of a writer regarding the topic. Research the topic before presenting ideas. A single idea is discussed in a paragraph. Use pieces of evidence to support your ideas. Body paragraphs also include the different implications and perspectives of the word. Complete and detailed information of words is included in the body paragraphs. Never miss explaining the origin and evolution of the word in detail.


The conclusion is the restatement of the thesis and includes all those arguments which have been discussed in the essay. It highlights the main points discussed in the essay. Now, add new arguments in the conclusion. The last line of the conclusion must be a call for action for the readers. For the best help, say write my essay and get your work done by professional experts.


After writing the first draft of the essay, revise and edit it. Thoroughly read out the essay and eliminate the irrelevant information. Remove all those concepts and information with the reader that are already familiar with. Check out the grammatical and spelling mistakes. Make a correct flow of information. Look after the sentence structure. Make sure that the content of the essay is moving in a logical flow.

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