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What’s your dream college? How badly do you want to get to that college? We all have that one dream college that seems like out of our league if we look at our grade sheet. However, we still hope to get into that dream college by crafting a noticeable college essay.

Do you want your college essay to breathe in life in your admission application but do not know where to start? Well, relax. I have got you covered. If you follow the following steps, you would surely get into your dream college:

  • Start early: Don’t be a procrastinator and start early if you want to get into your dream college by writing an unforgettable essay. If you have more time you can create more than one draft.
  • Select and understand the prompt: Many of the students fail the race before it even begins as they never really understand the essay prompt. And if you are writing your essay without understanding the prompt, you are going to write an irrelevant essay. Therefore, an essay writer should look at the prompt through various perspectives and only move on to the next step if he has grasped the gist of the prompt.
  • Many times they ask you to write an essay on a topic of your choice. In that case, you need to select a prompt in which you can tell your story. I would suggest you write the first, write the initial draft, and then look for a prompt and tweak your writing piece accordingly.
  • Brainstorm: After selecting an essay prompt, you should get to brainstorming. Most of the brilliant ideas pop up in our minds when we least expect them. Therefore, note these ideas and write them down. Also, think of other interesting ways to open and close your essay.
  • Narrow down your topic: Before you begin writing your essay, you should know that essay prompts are not specific and you have to look for a topic in them. If you have really understood the prompt, you will be able to narrow down to the topic without any difficulty.
  • Create an outline of your essay: We all have learned the structure of an essay in your class. An essay normally has three parts
  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

You should keep the above three parts of the essay in your mind and should start enlisting the main arguments and supporting details for them. Write interesting ideas for hook statements. Just write whatever comes to your mind and then you can shortlist the main points that you are going to discuss in your college essay.

Create the initial draft: Now it’s time to put pen to paper and write the initial draft of your college essay. Know that it is just a draft and it would have to go through various steps to achieve perfection.

Read it out loud: You should read your essay out loud and should expunge everything that seems irrelevant or does not sound like music to your ears. Expunge sentences, or even full paragraphs if you are having second thoughts about their relevance. Furthermore, add new ideas and sentences.

Edit and update the draft: With a relaxed mind read your essay over and over again and do the needed tweaking. Make sure that your essay has an inherent flow. Check for errors.

Ask your peers to give it a read: Ask your friends, family, or a teacher to read your essay and tell if they can find any mistakes or confusion. Moreover, you can also hire a professional essay writing service to get done with this task. Resolve errors, if any.

Get professional help: Before you submit your essay, get the help of some professional. It is a matter of your future, therefore, you should not take any risks. Get it revised and proofread.

That’s It, You have created a mind-blowing essay that would surely get noticed by your admission officers.

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