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A dissertation is a form of writing that provides an in-depth analysis of a particular problem. It is quite similar to thesis writing, but it is a more technical and detailed form of writing as compared to the thesis. A dissertation is usually written at the Ph.D. level whereas a thesis is written at an undergraduate or master’s level.

The most important feature of a dissertation is the problem statement. Problem statements define the problem that needs to be solved. A reader can understand the problem and the scope of research by viewing the problem statement. However, writing a problem statement is a task that requires high efficiency and skills. Your writing style should be exceptional and innovative if you want to create a high-quality problem statement.

A dissertation is one of the complicated forms of academic writing as you have to make sure that the data used in your paper is utterly accurate. Moreover, your grades rely heavily on your dissertation and that’s why your dissertation should be an impressive one.

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Steps of a Problem Statement

The quality of a dissertation depends upon its problem statement. A problem statement should be written in such a way that it provides the readers with an overview of the problem and the scope of the research. Therefore, it is the most important and valuable aspect of dissertation writing. But writing such statements requires a high amount of efficiency, skills, and creativity. Are you thinking of writing your dissertation paper but don’t know how to write an appropriate problem statement? Then don’t worry, you just have to follow the right procedure and steps to compose a perfect one. It can be difficult to figure out what you want to say in your dissertation, but there is help available essay writing service.

There are some basic steps of composing a fine problem statement and these steps are described below.

  • Introduce the Problem: First of all, provide an overview of the problem.
  • Precisely Discuss the Issue: Briefly explain the issue and the aim of the research.
  • Importance of the Issue: Precisely discuss the interconnectedness of the problem and present the reason why the readers should know about it.
  • Purpose of the Research: Your problem statement should be clear, and it should explain the main objectives of the conducted research.

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A dissertation is written to explain the findings and the scope of the research. The information added in these kinds of papers is highly accurate and authentic. As these documents are based on factual information, so writing them cannot be an easy task at all. Specifically, if we talk about the problem statement it must be written efficiently that it provides the reader with an understanding of the research topic. However, you can take help from an essay writer who can provide you with the desired assistance in this regard. Moreover, these writers can assist you in improving your writing skills.

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