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An introduction of a research paper could be a very challenging part to write. There are many considerations an essay writer should keep in mind when aiming to write the introduction for a research paper. One of the main considerations is the length of the introduction as it mainly depends on the type of research paper you are going to write.

The introduction is the part that must announce the main topic of your research paper. It must provide context and rationale for the research work. It should be done before drafting research questions and hypotheses. No doubt that well-written introductions are the ones that set a tone for the research paper. They also catch the attention and interest of the reader while communicating the thesis statement.

This article offers the steps that should be followed for writing a masterful introduction for a research paper.

Step 1 – Provide background information and set the context

The very first step of writing an introduction for a research paper is providing the background information and setting the context. It is the preliminary part of the introduction that prepares the reader for a more informative and detailed analysis. The first few sentences may be a bit broad but conciseness should be focused inward.

But make sure that your introductory statement must not be much broad. It should not start by talking generally but it should focus on the specific term. It is always suggested to students to see examples of research papers to get an idea of how to start a research paper before they start writing their research papers. When writing the introduction for a research paper, you must know that the second sentence should point to the specific area in the broader field if the first sentence introduces the broad field.

Step 2 – Introduce the research topic and communicate its significance

Every author or writer moves towards presenting the particular topic of their research study. Hence, you should do the same. As you introduce your research topic, directly proceed to write about its significance. It would be better if you bring some statistics to convey the significance of your topic. As well as, the seriousness of the research problem.

Another crucial way to communicate the importance of your research topic to highlight the benefits of solving the problem. It is a credible approach and leads to positive outcomes. It is so because every reader looks for some kind of personal interest and benefits when reading a research paper.

Step 3 – Talk about past efforts to solve the research question

Indeed, one cannot write a literature review in the introduction section. Hence, it is better to state past relevant research and illuminate the difference and significance of your study. The variance may be simple. For example, you have done the same experiments but with a diverse organism.

Step 4 – Conclude the introduction

Never think that you will conclude the introduction as you conclude a paper. The case of concluding the introduction is much different from concluding a paper. It means that you should not think that you will cover everything mentioned above in the last sentence of the introduction. But focus on concluding the introduction by mentioning the key aims and objectives of the research study.

Always note that this section gives very close and specific details. For example, the beginning of the introduction may talk about the significance of controlling obesity while the end must spell out controlling methods used and how they were analyzed. But at the same time, do not put many details in it because those would be already included in the methods section of the research paper.

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