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When writing an essay or any kind of paper, each paragraph must have a topic sentence. It is a sentence that represents the central idea or main point of the paragraph. Your topic sentence must include the point you wish to make about the topic. Usually, the very first sentence of each body paragraph of an essay is a topic sentence.

The topic sentence of your paragraph needs to be general to an extent that it expresses the overall subject of the paragraph. But it should be specific enough that your reader can understand the major point you will be discussing in the paragraph. Now you must have understood what a topic sentence is? The next thing an essay writer needs to learn is to create a strong topic sentence.

There are three key qualities that make up a good topic sentence: conciseness, clarity, and precision. You should remember that the reason why we write topic sentences is to inform the reader what the focus of the paragraph will be. You can give all the details and play around the words in the subsequent sentences of the paragraph but not in the topic sentence. Just announce the subject discussed in the paragraph.

Follow the below steps to craft a well-written strong topic sentence:

  1. 1. Create an outline

    You must be thinking that outlines are created for essays or other papers and why you have to create an outline for writing a sentence. But creating an outline for your topic sentence is one of the most effective ways you can write a good sentence to start our body paragraph with. An outline helps you create a topic sentence that puts together all the ideas within your paragraph.

  2. 2. Hook your readers

    Your topic sentence is a chance to develop an interest in the readers and make them want to learn more. A strong topic statement grabs the attention of readers and encourages them to continue reading the rest of the paragraph. Do not include too much information in the sentence. No need to tell the readers what details the paragraph will contain. Just give an overview of the idea.

    You can use questions or declaratory statements to start your paragraph as it will generate curiosity in the readers to know the answer or see how you prove your statement. Be mysterious.

  3. 3. Put all topic sentences together

    After you have written topic sentences for each body paragraph of your essay, combine them. This will give you an abstract of your essay. Similarly, it will also enable you to see whether all your topic sentences are well-written and if they successfully summarized the major points or arguments presented in the paragraph.

An additional tip is that you don’t necessarily have to write the topic sentence before you start writing the paragraph. Writing the topic sentence after finishing the paragraph is a helpful trick as you will know what points you have covered in your paragraph and you will be able to put all these together without missing something important. Also, if you have written it at the start then you can always go back and make changes.

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