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My half of the writing career is buried in confessing, "Writing is a tedious job". I've been into so many troubles that now I am very clear about the writing challenges. Essay writing problems are the part and parcel of an academic career but success lies in the successful mitigation and catering of these problems. I am going to give an essay writer a brief account of these writing problems and their possible and easy solutions.

Challenge 1: Getting started

Many of the students face issues in getting started, it is not about the topic but about the purpose. You can solve this problem by knowing your job, either it is to analyze or to persuade. Either you are required to critically evaluate or argue, it will help you not only to come up with the relevant title but it will also assist in getting you toward the main job.

Challenge 2: Finding voice and audience

It is one of the most significant problems, yet a common mistake. While writing an essay, many of the students find issues in the choice of voice and recognition of the audience. The easiest solution to this issue is to always use the third person. An essay requires an unbiased viewpoint so the third-person point of view is important. Your tone, voice, and choice of words should be related to the topic and the type of essay because an argumentative essay doesn’t follow the same tone as that of the analytical essay.

Challenge 3: Planning and Management of time

Planning is important in all the tasks, either they are academic or non-academic. In order to write an excellent essay, planning your essay and making an outline is one such trick. It will not only help you with the content but it will help you rectify all the errors simultaneously. It is evident that essay writing requires a lot of time. It is obviously a time taking the job but this excuse cannot work in higher education. For this, you have to work from now. Try to manage time by being wise. In simple words, don’t spend too much time designing but spend time collecting the required material and then proofreading. Make sure to avoid procrastination because it is of no use.

Challenge 4: Looking for Content

Another major, yet significant issue that a student can face while writing is “looking for content”. Many times students are seen complaining, “We can’t find anything related”. It is more of a myth because everything is available just at the distance of minor hard work. Firstly, look for the material at authentic platforms such as databases and peer-reviewed journals because many people take the content of the essay for granted and it can prove to be misleading.

Challenge 5: Fear of failure

Although it seems ambiguous, it is definite. More than half of the students face this problem. One of the strategies to eradicate the fear of failure is to “adhere to the job”. It requires you to be attentive and think in a positive manner. Any approach to mitigate this issue is “Think clear and proofread”. It will make you confident about your task and you will be able to gain good grades.

I hope you are confident and clear to fight major issues that you face while writing an essay. There are some other points that you need to consider such as staying to the point and making appropriate choices of words. In writing, make short and clear sentences and keep your vocabulary understandable in reference to your grade. Following these simple strategies, you will be able to solve all these problems.

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