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Writing an essay gives you a lot of opportunities to memorize and acquire new information. You can secure very good grades by writing an exceptional essay but it is not always easy as you need to make a lot of effort. You would be surprised to know that you have been writing essays since middle school. However, at that time it existed in the form of story writing where you expressed yourself one way or another.

Yes, it is true that at school and college level it becomes advanced and changes into a descriptive essay. Along with many essay types, it is just one type that mainly deals with descriptive detail about a topic. Though it is an uphill task, academics have devised many principles by following those you can write an exceptional essay. However, knowing those rules and applying them in the practical form are two different phenomena. You need the utmost expertise to write such an essay that can ensure your promising results.

Here are some important strategies that an essay writer can follow to write an essay. These would help you to change your thoughts into words, however, the impact of these rules may vary depending on the eloquence and vividness of your essay.

Essay Writing Tips

Pick a topic

The relevant topic is the most important part if you want to write an excellent essay. You might have an excellent title in your brain but it would not give you any benefit until you write it down. Choose a relevant and interesting topic that intrigues you to research and your reader to read more. You can ask your peers or a professional writer to write my paper, you might get some academic assistance in this way.

Compelling outline

The necessity of an outline varies and depends on the essay type and quantity of arguments. If you have chosen a complex topic then you should make an outline to simplify it. You can write either topic or sentence outlines depending upon your needs. You can narrow down your data to be included in the essay with the help of an outline. Remember that the outline is the skeleton of your essay. If it is strong only then your essay would be exceptional.


It would be the first paragraph of your essay where you need to discuss your topic with background knowledge. The other way is to briefly discuss every argument to be presented in the body paragraphs or summary if you are writing a narrative essay. Write an introduction in a way that a reader knows what would be in your body paragraphs. Writing a perfect introduction could be a little tricky and most students end up writing it wrong. The best way is to hire a paper writing service that can write you a complete essay.

Body paragraphs

It is the second part of your essay where you need to present every argument in separate paragraphs. Yes, you should only discuss the idea so that a reader does not get confused and read it thoroughly. The link among all paragraphs is very important as they should not look scattered. To avoid such a situation you should use transition words and phrases. It is the only way to connect all paragraphs where your every idea is a well-connected and smooth sequence of arguments.

Concluding thoughts

You can also name it conclusion where you need to summarize every argument presented in the body. It is usually the last paragraph of your essay that makes sure that by reading a few lines the reader should know your essay is going to an end. You can also reinstate your thesis statement by using different words as it is also a compelling way to end your essay. By following these points you can change your thoughts into words. Also, you can take help from someone by saying write my essay.

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