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There are many academic writings and critical essays are one of them where you need to follow and apply a set of rules mentioned in your course books. You might have studied a subject titled Research Methodology to learn all the necessary techniques. For it, you can also take help from an online ‘ write essay for me’ service.

In a critical essay, you need to evaluate, interpret, and analyze the given information and how a particular author tried to convey it through his text. While writing such an essay you need to gather evidence from primary and secondary sources. You should know that different academic sources create authenticity in your critical essay.

Generally critical may portray only negative points or attributes while in academic writing you need to discuss both positive and negative characteristics. Discerning and analytical are important attributes and their presence proves your essay is written critically.

Your mere judgment does not fall under this category; rather it should be backed by facts and figures as you are not writing an opinion article. The most crucial point while writing a critical essay is its structure. Taking help from an expert essay writer can help you with it.

You can only secure good grades if you have followed a compelling structure with all guidelines given by your professor.

Structural guide for a critical essay

The systemic evaluation is very important in your critical essay so that you can tell how poorly or well a document was written by a previous author. You can critically evaluate a book, film, academic document, or any other piece of literature.

Just like any other essay the main parts included in a critical essay are outline, introduction, summary, analysis, counter-arguments, conclusion, and references.


The outline is important to make if your topic is complex and difficult to comprehend for the reader. If you get stuck while writing an outline then make sure to contact an academic ‘ write my paper’ service. You can secure very good grades with an essay written by a professional writer.


It would be the first paragraph of your essay where you need to discuss your topic generally with the help of background information. First state, name of the author, date of publication, and thesis statement. The length of this paragraph should depend on the length of your essay.


It would be the second paragraph of your essay also known as body paragraphs. You need to discuss all the arguments in detail by justifying your position. You can include information like what the book is about, the setting of the book, main characters, main theme, the purpose of research, and what the author concluded in his book.


A critical analysis is very important in your essay that you should mention in body paragraphs. Just make sure to discuss one idea in each paragraph so that a reader could comprehend it well.

Your analysis should be informative, clear, understandable, focused, and persuasive. You need to ensure all these qualities in your analysis as it is key to secure good grades.

Counter arguments

The most appealing location for this paragraph is before the conclusion where you will negate every argument previously mentioned. Its purpose would be critical for correction or creativity instead of criticism for the purpose of criticism.

Yes, your reader needs to understand and comprehend every argument. If you get confused in this part then do not hesitate to contact a professional paper writing service to provide you with the best critical essay.


Last but not the least, it would be the last paragraph of your essay where you need to summarize all previously mentioned arguments. Just reinstate the thesis statement in this part and do not write anything new so that your reader does not get confused.

The best way to do that is to use stronger vocabulary so that it can have an impact on your audience thus fulfilling your purpose of essay writing.

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