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You may have written a descriptive or narrative essay in high school. These two essays are quite easy to write as both only require writing something that has already happened without its impact on the future. You should know that there are several types of essays at the college level and each requires unique principles to apply. As there is not a general consensus or rules to apply – that is why it is the most difficult task for students to handle. If you want to write an excellent essay then you must know certain guidelines.

Writing a critical essay is not an exception as it requires utmost expertise and years of experience in writing. In literal terms, the word 'critical' does not mean only negative attributes about a particular object. Rather it deals with both positive and negative points about a topic, object, or book. That is what a critical essay looks like just remember you do not need to add your judgment, rather try to stick with facts.

Structure Ideas for a Powerful Critical Essay

There are many academic disciplines that prefer to write a critical essay and follow a certain format. Such an essay can be written about visual art, poetry, films, video games, novels, and many more. However, despite various types and structures of such an essay remains the same.

Central claim

Despite different themes, the central claim would remain the same. In this part, you need to focus on one dimension or claim that you will explore in your essay and it will revolve around that idea. An essay writer will express that claim at the beginning of your essay or in the thesis statement. It is important for your reader so that he knows what you would be discussing in your essay.


The central claim is nothing unless it is backed by evidence in the form of argument, statistics, facts, and figures. You can also include evidence from other scholarly articles or primary sources. Some examples from secondary and primary sources would ultimately strengthen your evidence. Relevant or correct evidence may become difficult to find so try to get help from a cheap essay writing service – so that you can secure good grades.

Do not summarize

Remember that a critical essay is about your personal interpretation and analysis. You do not need to summarize existing text as it would be useless for the reader; you need to be extra vigilant while writing such an essay. Once you have completed your work make sure it includes sufficient critical analysis as its absence would jeopardize your grades.

Active reading strategies

For a compelling structure, you should know the structures of essays devised by academics. The best way to do that is to go through essays written by scholars, it would help you to organize your essay. Reading is very important in this regard so do not make any mistake to adopt any shortcut. If I were you, I would simply save myself from trouble and ask an academic writer to write my essay. As it is the best way to write an excellent essay ultimately securing good grades.

Concluding remarks

It might seem too much to you but trust me once you have practiced enough then it would be a piece of cake for you to write such an essay. Yes, it is true, with practice you can write an exceptional essay. You just need guidance to structure your critical essay. A conclusion will be the last paragraph of your essay where you need to reinstate your thesis statement with different words. It is important for a reader to know that your essay is going to end. Just mention once again the importance of the topic and what new dimension you explored. You can also get help from the paper writing service writers.

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