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A descriptive essay is defined as a piece of writing that is meant to decipher or exhibit. In simple words, a descriptive essay is a literal account in which a writer aims at a clear description or an evident insight into some idea in order to come up with a solid conclusion. No doubt, it is not an easy task to write a descriptive essay because it requires a detailed insight into the topic of discussion or the title. I used to dislike every type of essay writing so asked my sister if she could be my essay writer. Unfortunately, she denied but she gave me some superb hacks that you can use to write an in-depth descriptive essay.

I am sharing some key points that can help you write an essay or you can ask someone to write my essay for me.

  1. 1. Selection of topic

    The very first step in writing an essay is the choice of topic. It is evident that none of the essays is complete without an appropriate title. In order to write a descriptive essay, choose a versatile title. Many of the time we look for our convenience and end up having a shortage of research material. Some common examples of fantastic topics are “Your visit to any memorable place”, “Your ideology of life”, etc. these topics can help you write as much detailed essay as you want. In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

  2. 2. Structuring essay

    It is important yet one of the difficult topics in essay writing. In order to structure your essay stick to three major headings, introduction, discussion, and conclusion.

    • Introduction

      It is the header of your essay. In this section, you are required to introduce the title or the background information that is related to the topic. In this paragraph, limit your discussion to the understanding of the topic. After giving a 100-120 words introduction, you have to write a thesis statement. It is more like a crux of the essay because this statement acts as a code to the essay. Here code refers to the sequence as well as the points that are to be discussed in the essay.

    • Discussion

      In this section, you are required to come up with a detailed description of your essay. There are some significant points that you need to remember while writing a superb descriptive essay. One of the major points is to start with a quotation or with a statement that is thought-provoking. If you are not interested in adding a quotation you can quote some research results to create a lead for your essay.

      Another important point to consider is, you need to make only 3 paragraphs while writing an essay. It will fulfill the five sections of the academic essay writing requirement. Each paragraph should convey a single idea or point.

    • Conclusion

      It is the last and the most important section of your essay. In this section, you are required to sum up the topic by giving a conclusion to the essay. It can either be done by initiating a call of action or coming up with sound and legit ideas and remarks for something that can prove to be helpful in adding justification to the claims that are quoted. If you are not going for any of these options, then you should sum all the ideas in one paragraph that will be 100-150 words long. It is the common word count that is recommended for writing a conclusion.

Following all these tricks you will be able to write an excellent descriptive essay. This essay will not only be academically correct in terms of design and formatting. Rather, this essay will help you earn good grades because the information that you will incorporate in your essay will be impressive for your instructor. Remember, you can always get help from a paper writing service to get done with your writing tasks.

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