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Have you been asked to synthesize??

A synthesis essay requires that students should combine the elements from several sources to make a point. Any strongly researched paper will reflect this kind of synthesis. It is a very important tool for connecting different themes that can be observed in various texts and articles. Students can organize the preferred material according to selected themes and patterns so that a well-articulated thesis can be generated.

Synthesis is not the same as comparison and contrast, division, or even classification but it is related to all these types of essays. A synthesis essay is a matter of drawing together various sources and ideas to make a chain of abstractions so that harmony is reflected. The coherent combination of more than one idea can help the readers to see the connections between different things.

Students may be wondering what is it they are supposed to do when they are assigned to write a synthesis custom essay.

Here are some initial points which students need to understand so that they can get familiarised with the most basic level of a synthesis essay. it should be noted that writing a synthesis essay is more difficult when it might seem to be because there has to be a meaning in the combination of different things.

  1. Read well
  2. Understand the main idea
  3. Comprehend the developmental structure of all the source articles
  4. Identify the specific points of contact and comparison between all the sources.
  5. Specify and pinpoint the points of contact between your own arguments and the thesis statements of all the sources.
  6. Find and explain all the links to construct a new thesis or theory.

Expert writing skills and tips are most efficiently and decided by students when they know what are the things which have to be avoided. While writing a synthesis essay there are few things that need to be avoided. Those are as follows.

  1. 1. 1. Do not construct the body of the synthesis essay as a jumbled up series of different summaries.

    Students have the tendency to commit this common error. A synthesis is not of different sources. Whenever you have to write a true synthesis the task gets more sophisticated and demanding. the sources should be used wisely and students should not be dominated by them. If you are unsure about using reliable sources, ask others to write my essay online.

  2. 2. 2. There should be no bombardment of a complex mass of examples, quotations, and facts upon the readership.

    Students must not overwhelm their readers with irrelevant information which tends to confuse. One of the many goals of a synthesis essay is to convince the leadership. Therefore, the data should be organized so that different ideas are readily accessible to the readers. Data from different sources should be interpreted in a way so that readers can understand the true essence of the synthesis. You can also pay for essay now to get a well-written writing piece.

  3. 3. 3. The body paragraphs must not be started by unassociated quotations for actual evidence extracted from the sources.

    The body paragraphs should be started with the general point as it is more effective. Students should gradually move to the specific points and this approaches a lot easier. Here, the reader gets to know the exact point which the writer strives to make. Topic sentences in this approach are the key. Body paragraphs should be started with meaningful topic sentences that are inclusive of one of the many supporting arguments of the synthesis. The material can be borrowed from the sources to elaborate on the basic argument made in the topic sentences. But it shouldn't have to ensure that the material is paraphrased or rewritten in a more comprehensible manner.

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