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If an essay writer is attending a lab, then you must be familiar with the technical reports you are required to write at the end of each lab. The purpose of that report is to explain your experiment and then let you reflect on what you have learned from the experiment. All of the essential components of this report are broken down and explained in detail. Read this lock to know all about writing the technical reports required at the end of every lab or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Cover Page:

Not all the time you are required to make a cover page for your report. But if you have to do so then you should use one page to write information. Include the title of your experiment along with your name and group member’s name. It is also advised to include the name of your lab instructor. Next include the date when the experiment was conducted.


The title of your experiment should be included on the cover page as well as the start of your report. Most of the time you will be given a title for the experiment. But in case you are not, then make a concise title for the experiment which describes the purpose of conducting that experiment. Usually, the title starts with articles like ‘A’ or ‘The’ but it is not a must. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.


You are required to provide an introduction to the experiment. Include some background information about the topic and then explain the purpose of conducting this particular experiment. Next, you have to summarise the steps of the experiment and write about the findings and tell what you have concluded from the experiment. Do not include many details about these in the introduction rather write them in their own headings.


State the procedure of the experiment in detail. You can either note down the steps of the experiment when in the lab or recall them later. Explain each and every step. This will also help you to prepare for the exam later. You should write this in such a way that if anyone reads this section, they may be able to perform the experiment.

Data Table and Analysis:

In some experiments, the experiment may be qualitative and might not require a data table. But in most cases, you should create a table for the readings you have taken during the experiment. The data is crucial for any type of lab report and must not be skipped. At this point, you have to interpret the data as well. The data would either validate or negate your hypothesis. If there were any errors or shortcomings in the experiment then state it after the readings. You can either discuss the findings here or in a separate heading of ‘Results’.


After gathering data, and finding their results, you are required to draw a conclusion. Remember that the results and conclusion are two different things. For instance, if you are conducting an experiment on the submission of iodine, then results for the sublimation experiment of Iodine can be that ‘the temperature does not rise above 113.7 degrees and at this point, iodine starts to melt’. But the conclusion of the experiment would be that iodine undergoes sublimation.

Graphs and Figures

The graphs and figures can help your instructor understand the outcome of the experiment even better. Make sure to include the labeled graphs and figures.

The hands-on experience is usually very interesting however writing the reports can be daunting sometimes. But if you know how to write this type of report, then you can score a good grade easily. Follow these tips and you can write one good report easily. In case you need help, consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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