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Writing a thesis could be very intimidating. Because it is probably the longest piece of academic writing that most of the students ever do in their lives. Furthermore, you won’t get your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree without submitting a good thesis or dissertation.

What is the most daunting thing about writing a thesis? Formatting and structuring of a thesis is the most worrying thing about a thesis for most of the students. This blog will help you structure your thesis and put things where they belong. Before we dive into the topic, you should know that writing a graduate paper is a cumbersome task. It requires strong research skills, academic writing skills, and self-discipline. If you are writing a thesis, you are probably on a defining stage of your academic life, therefore, you should not take any risk. Now that you know what you are getting into, let’s begin.

Formatting a thesis

Not all the thesis or dissertations have the same format. They vary according to the field of study and the nature of the thesis. Many institutions have specific guidelines. However, I would share the formatting of a general thesis.

Title Page: Every thesis has a title page that contains the information about the writer, degree program, and the department and institution’s name and submission date. You should check your department’s guidelines about the cover page.

Acknowledgments: On this page, you get to thank everyone who supported you in writing your thesis.

  • Abstract: It is the summary of the whole thesis.
  • Table of contents: It is to help the reader in navigating through the thesis. You are to add all the names of chapters and main headings in the table of content with their respective page number.
  • List of figures and tables: This is only required if you have extensively used tables and pictures in your thesis.
  • List of abbreviations: Like the above part, this is only required if you have frequently used abbreviations in your thesis. You will have to enlist them so that the reader could look up what they stand for.
  • Glossary: You need to add this page if you have used technical and sophisticated terms that you think that your reader might not be able to understand. Here you enlist the words and briefly explain them individually.
  • Introduction: Here your thesis begins. In the introduction, you have to introduce the topic after giving a brief background. If you feel you are unable to manage it effectively at any point, you should get help from a professional essay writer. You are also supposed to tell the reader what will get to read in the thesis. You also have to state the problem and research question in this section. The introduction is the beginning of a thesis, so it has to be very strong and complete to create a better first impression on the evaluator.
  • Literature: In this section, you will discuss the finds from the literature that you have reviewed to understand the problem. It should provide a strong justification for your thesis.
  • Methodology: In this section, you discuss the research methodologies that you used to reach the answer to your research question.
  • Results: Here you tell you the reader about the findings of your research. You should only report findings that are relevant to your thesis statement.
  • Discussion: Here you discuss the implications of your findings. You should look at the findings through different perspectives and should explain if some inadvertent results have been found.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, you should briefly answer the research question and support it by reiterating the main points and findings of your research.
  • References: Here you enlist all the sources that you have used in your research paper. Make sure to follow a citation style.

Edit, Proofread and submit: Make sure that your thesis is error-free and then you are ready to submit it to your supervisor. You can also hire an essay writing service to proofread your final draft at reasonable rates.

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