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Writing essays is important when you have to pass a certain course or clear an assignment. Throughout college, students are given multiple tasks of crafting well-structured essays and come up with different ideas to do so. Some students end up doing better than others because of their sheer dedication and hours of practice.

If a student practices more, it is obvious that he/she will have a better grip on that. There are many different types of essays and each one of them has its own set of rules that the writer has to follow and stick to. If you are new to writing an essay you can take help from an essay writing service that is reliable. That can get you started really fast and clear any ambiguities that you possibly have.

The format is extremely important when writing an essay. Without a proper format, an essay can lose its meaning and might not appeal to the readers. I know here you might want to find someone who can write my essay for me and you can end up relaxing. Instead of that takes guidance and practice on your own too.

Argumentative essays are those types of essays where the writer expresses his/her view or a stance and tries to prove it right. It can be done with the help of evidence and multiple examples. The essay writer argues why he/she thinks or believes the way they do.

There are many topics that one can choose from to write an essay. Argumentative essay topics are wide in range and you can pick one to practice or do your assignment on. The thesis statement and topic sentences are the two most important parts of an essay when it comes to its format and how effective or good it is.

Many students make some common mistakes while writing a thesis statement or a topic sentence. This can lead to bad grades or a poorly written essay that the instructor or the reader might not like or understand well. But not to worry my friend. Here I am for your rescue. I will mention some common mistakes that people do usually and you can avoid doing that.

  • Thesis statement is too vague or general.
  • This is a very common mistake that people make while writing a thesis statement. It should give a short insight about the topic or what you are going to talk about in the essay instead of explaining in detail or generally.

  • Topic sentences should tell what that particular paragraph is about but at times people give some general information or ask a question instead of telling what they would be talking about in that particular paragraph.
  • The thesis statement is too biased and the tone is informal. People at times make it look so complicated as if they are forcing the readers to agree with him/her and believe in the same thing as they do. A good argumentative essay should instead prove why they are saying whatever they are saying instead of forcing anyone or sounding harsh.
  • The thesis statement is too complicated.
  • Readers and instructors always appreciate to-the-point information and statements instead of extremely complicated and complex statements.

  • The thesis statement or the topic sentence has no real purpose and does not fulfill the purpose it is written for.
  • The thesis statement uses poor language or informal tone.
  • Slangs or abbreviations should never be used in a thesis statement or the topic sentence. It gives a very bad impression.

  • The connection is missing between the thesis statement and the rest of the essay.
  • The topic sentence is unnecessarily long and detailed.

A good thesis statement and the topic sentence is the make-it or break-it moment for a student’s essay. Do it well there and you’ll be good to go. Just try not to make the above-mentioned mistakes and you will do great in writing an argumentative essay.

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