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Are you tired of staying up nights and writing thousands of words to get a good grade? If you are, you need to follow a particular set of rules. These rules will help you write a high-score achieving essay in the least possible time and effort. Your focus must be on the thesis statement, as it contributes a lot to your final score.

Cause and Effect essays

Have you ever wondered why you write cause and effect essays? It is because the professor wants you to think about a particular event or phenomenon critically. In a cause and effect essay, you have to thoroughly go through your topic and list down the causes and subsequent results. If you have sufficient evidence to support your data, you will score a good grade in the essay. You can also ask for help from someone by saying, write my essay for me.

Basic format

There are multiple ways to sort your information, but almost all the cause and effect essays have a basic set of paragraphs in common.

  1. Introduction: Start your paper with a definition, background, and a hook to make your reader curious. In the end, write a thesis statement that summarizes your whole paper (very important).
  2. Body paragraphs: These body of your final draft discusses the causes of the event/phenomenon in detail using examples from credible scholarly sources
  3. Conclusion and references: Summarize your whole paper into 50-60 words by briefly discussing all the causes and effects. At the end of your paper, list all the sources you used as evidence on a new page.

Thesis statement writing

As mentioned earlier, your thesis statement is very important and contributes massively to your final grade. Any good online paper writing service could help you come up with the perfect thesis statement. It is recommended that you leave the thesis statement for the end. After you've completed your final draft, list the points that you explored, and finally, write them in the form of a sentence at the end of your introduction. Your final thesis statement should mention:

  1. Causes, effects, or both?

    You should mention in your thesis statement if you are discussing causes, effects, or both. In this sentence, you also have to tell the reader the number of causes and effects that you will discuss. Try to list the causes in the order of their appearance in the essay. Don’t mention any cause or effect that you have not added in your final draft.

  2. Relationship

    You have to use this sentence to describe the relationship between the causes and effects. There are two approaches that you may adopt. You can either tell the reader about all the causes first and then the effects. You can also list the causes and effects together. The end result should be a satisfied reader who has an idea about the link between the mentioned causes and effects.

  3. Your position

    Your final thesis statement should make your stance clear. The reader should immediately understand what your perspective is and how you plan on defending your position. You can also take a neutral stance where you admire both sides of the argument.

If you are under a strict time limitation, you can consult the online help. An essay writing service can write an essay for you or provide you with an outline. It is recommended that you check for any errors or plagiarism in the final draft. Before submitting your work, manually check for any grammatical, sentence structure, or formatting errors.


A cause-effect essay is very commonly given to students as tasks. You should start with an outline and compile all the evidence that you can. Start writing your final draft with the help of the outline and leave your thesis statement for the end. If the deadline is approaching, consult online essay writer help.

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