Things Must be included in a Research Proposal

Research is understood as a systematic investigation undertaken to establish facts, reach newer conclusions, and increase the stock of knowledge. Now to conduct research on a new topic or field or to explore a new area, we have to develop a research proposal before writing the extended thesis. A research proposal is a document in which a research problem is identified and its possible solution is described, which is then proved in the dissertation.

A research proposal is an essential requirement if one seeks to pursue postgraduate studies. It is a key part of an admission application because universities around the world do not compromise on low-quality research work. But the undergraduate students have less know-how about the nuances of research, so at times some brilliant students get rejected. Therefore, for that purpose one may contact an ‘ essay writing service’ to get a solid research proposal about one’s desire, which will increase their chances of getting selected in a university or you can ask others to write my paper.

A proper ‘research proposal’ includes the following things or headings.

  1. Title: It gives a clear indication of the proposed research and a general idea about what is going to be discussed in the thesis.
  2. Introduction: A general background or intro to the proposed topic so as to have a general understanding of the topic and the research problem. It may also problematize a certain issue to make it researchable.
  3. Research Question(s): One or more than one question is posed to show what are the issues and problems that would be explored in the research and why they are worth it to be explored.
  4. Literature Review: A review of already existing literature around the topic is reviewed to see whether the problem has already been dealt with. The literature review is also intended to find the gaps in the existing literature and to deal with those gaps in the research.
  5. Hypothesis: Shortest and the best plausible answer to the research question(s) outlined in the research. All research is carried out by an essay writer to prove or disprove a hypothesis proposed in any study.
  6. Research Methodology: It is the way of dealing with the topic. For example, the techniques to collect the data be it qualitative or quantitative or a mixed-method approach. The use of triangulation to collect and analyze the data.
  7. Scope of the Research: The scope of any research includes the extent to which the research topic is going to be explored, as well as determining the specific parameters within which the topic will be explored, studied, and observed.
  8. Organization of the Research: Organization of the study essentially involves dividing the research into chapters. The overall topic is divided into sections and subsections, which will be discussed in detail in the study.
  9. References/Bibliography: It includes the list of the works that have been cited in the study. A research proposal involves all the references or the works that have been reviewed in the literature review part of the study.

Making a research proposal is not an effortless task. It requires time, effort, and energy. Sometimes it becomes difficult to establish whether the topic is researchable or not and whether it would have any significant implications. One, thus, may go on to ask their instructors and peers about the general overview of ‘how to start an essay or proposal, for that matter. After getting a general idea about the writing process, one may start working on their essay or proposal.

The research proposal is an essential part of any research, be it social sciences or natural. And for those who want to become researchers, it is imperative to have the know-how about writing and developing a research proposal.

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