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In all of its many iterations, wisdom amounts to the integration and application of good thinking and reasoning. It is slow to speak and quick to listen. It seeks the counsel of many, but learns to trust the small voice from within, even when all alone. It commits to social-learning, scrutiny, revision, and measured capitulation. All these are the things for which the good-old-fashioned-device of debate is meant to facilitate.

It is not, in other words, a fight. Instead, the debate is a formal process of intellectual deliberation, sharing, and seeking. Moreover, a Debate is also the ultimate commitment to collaboration and cooperation. It is the great belief in process as the best means for insight.

In its dialectic fervor, debate presumes that we will advance our thinking and living by engaging with, rather than trying to conquer or overcome, our differences. Whether or not one’s starting proposition gets obliterated or buttressed by the opponent’s arguments is always in service of the aforementioned — never as the end itself!

To win or lose any debate, therefore, on the merits of logical reasoning and civil respect is, for even the loser, to win — exponentially.

If a debate or an essay writer is preparing for a competition, then he will be given some topics to make a choice from. However, if it is open-ended, then you really need to choose the topic that is thought-provoking.

I have come across many debate topics while learning debates of all categories. You can choose them to write and deliver a perfect debate speech in no time. Some of the finest topics I noted are as follows.

High School Students-

  1. English or Science- Which subject offers more opportunities in a career?
  2. Maths should be an optional subject even for high schools.
  3. British Accent is more popular and acceptable than American Accent


  1. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism- Which religion offers real salvation? (There were four speakers)
  2. Was Jesus Muslim?
  3. Is Islam a religion of Terrorism?

Science and logic-

  1. Is Non-vegetarian food prohibited or permitted for a human being?
  2. Einstein or Newton- Who was a bigger scientist?
  3. Will robots increase unemployment?

Not only this, but I have also mentioned below some highly debatable topics that might help you broaden your mental horizon.

  1. Whether raising type A personality is good in the long run for self-esteem and if it can cause potentially controlling behavior or unnecessary stress.
  2. Is it effectively teaching sexual responsibility to allow for daycare centers to be allowed in high school for pregnant teenagers?
  3. Does organic food opportunities in public schools really impact child obesity epidemics.
  4. Should summer school be mandatory in American schools to increase productivity and to increase a low educational standard (in some places school is year-round).
  5. Should parents be held legally responsible for their excessively obese children's health problems by social services?
  6. Would it be effective in educating girls and young women to be stronger to allow for a women's history elective?

The debate does not defeat an ideology. It makes it a worthwhile thing to see value in the thinking that you never see. You may loathe the reasoning of a certain political group; I understand it is okay as long as you make its subscribers feel like they may need to be put to sleep for what they believe.

But, whichever topic you chose for your debate, just make sure you serve its purpose. And, in a word, the purpose of a debate is a revelation. Moreover, you can also ask a professional ‘write my essay’ website available online to get done with this task.

Good Luck!

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