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Students are the future of any nation. They aspire to progress and bring prosperity to their family and their country. For that reason, students work hard to acquire education. Nowadays educational expenses have gotten really high.

Students are forced to quit education or start working after they finish high school. They believe it is better to start earning instead of spending a few more years in college. Spending years in college also means that a student has to spend half of his future life repaying the student loans. In such circumstances, students aspiring to acquire higher education look forward to scholarships.

I had a number of graduate friends who were aspiring to pursue higher degrees in foreign countries. I requested many of them to write essay for me, which was often required for admission at various universities. Trust me, their write-up was really bad. It was only due to my teacher for the course of communication skills that I successfully learned to write personal statements and admission essays. Her valuable tips to write a personal statement are what I am sharing with you today.

A personal statement is required not only for scholarships but also for fellowships and jobs. The basic structure for it is the same so you do not have to worry if you are not a student applying for a scholarship.

A personal statement is only barely different from a purpose statement. Most of the time the terms are used interchangeably but they are essentially different. If you are an essay writer then you might know the difference between the two. As their names indicate, a personal statement has a personal touch, your personal motivation, and impetus to apply for a scholarship. While your statement of purpose is more formal as compared to a personal statement and it has little space for personal motivational stories.

Your personal statement has three parts: your background that explains your motivation to apply; your achievements and qualifications that make you the best choice for the program that you are applying for; and, the benefits that you would bring to the organization you are applying to (in other words, why should they select you).

In your first paragraph, you explain your aspiration to apply for a program. This helps the reader draw a sketch of your character and personal strengths. This is what gives your personal statement a personal touch. Make sure to not cook up any stories about your past and your motivation to apply. Be as honest and as simple as possible. It is very easily judged whether you have spoken the truth or not.

In the second paragraph, you mention your qualifications and achievements. You do not have to list down everything that you have done or achieved. Make sure to mention the relevant details and make sure to provide a practical application of your theoretical claims. For instance, if you mention that you like fighting societal ills, then you should mention what organization you have joined in this regard or what steps you have taken in your personal capacity to fight societal ills.

The third paragraph is as important as the other two paragraphs. It explains to the recruiters why should they choose you for their organization. This is where you convince them and offer them what you have gotten for their organization. Be realistic and be naturally true. There must always be many ways you can contribute positively so you just have to mention those. Keep a positive tune and mention a few benefits that they would enjoy as a result of selecting you to become a part of their organization.

Follow these tips when writing a personal statement. Otherwise, you can also hire a paper writing service to cater to your ‘ write my paper’ request. In this way, you can get a well-written personal statement in no time.

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