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Do you want the readers to read your complete essay? Did you ever have to hear your teacher say that he/she did not even read your whole because the first paragraph was so pathetic? Of course, if you put in a lot of hard work in writing your essay, you would like the readers, especially your teacher, to at least read it before giving you bad grades. However, the fate of most of the essays is that they are not read beyond the first paragraph. Most people do not read your essay beyond the introductory paragraph because they did not like it or they found it not well written. So or you can ask others to write my essay.

Why is an introduction so important?

An introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. We live in a materialistic world, where people might say that one should not judge a book by its cover, however, everyone does it. Most of the essays are not read to the end because the reader judges your essay on the basis of your first introductory paragraph. Therefore, an introduction is of utmost importance for writing an effective essay. An introduction is a sort of presentation of your whole essay. In the introduction, an essay writer has to captivate the interest of the reader and motivate her/him to read the whole essay. You have to inform the reader about the background of your essay to make sure that one is following what you say in your essay. At the end of the introduction, you have to give a clear and concise thesis statement, in which you have to inform the reader about the main thesis of the whole essay. This means that in an introduction you not only have to hook the interest of the audience but also to make them understand the topic and inform them what they can expect in the coming paragraphs.

Writing an introduction for your persuasive essay

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade the audience to do something, believe in something, take a step, or stop doing something, etc. In addition to the basic purposes of an introduction paragraph mentioned in the above paragraph, one of the underlying purposes of the first paragraph is to convince the reader to continue reading beyond the introduction. What good a persuasive essay would be if it fails to persuade covertly to persuade the reader to not stop reading after the introduction.

Do you think that your teacher is giving you bad grades because he/she does not read your essay? Well, no matter how extraordinary your remaining essay is, no one would read it if you fail to write a stellar introduction. Below are some tips with persuasive essay examples to help you write a bewitching introduction to your persuasive essay. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

Understand the key elements of an introduction

Like other types of essays, persuasive essay introduction also has the following three components:

Hook statement: It is mostly the first lines of your introduction. Here you have to capture the attention of the reader. You can do that by asking a question, making a strong claim, or by stating an unbelievable but true fact, etc.

Example: Climate change is posing an existential threat to life on earth.

Overview of the issue under discussion: After hooking the interest of the reader, you have to provide a brief overview of the topic. You can give a background of the issue to make the reader understand the topic.

Example: Climate change is a natural process but human interventions have accelerated it. With the advent of the industrial revolution, there was a huge spike in the burning of fossil fuels, which excessively emitted greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Today the world temperature is rising day by day. Weather is becoming more extreme. Despite the visible evidence of climate change many people claim that climate change is a hoax. They are of the view that it is just another stage like the ice age, in the life of earth, and will pass.

Thesis statement: At the end of the first paragraph, you have to state your position on the matter under discussion. YOU have to be clear and precise. This thesis statement should be debatable and is to be discussed in your whole essay.

Example: Rising sea levels, sinking cities, melting glaciers, melting arctic, increasing temperature, frequent floods, and harsh weather are the speaking evidence that the problem of climate change is becoming insurmountable with time.

Tips to create an effective introduction for a persuasive essay


As soon as your teacher assigns you a topic for your persuasive essay, you should start brainstorming for ideas. You should think about the main points about the topic that you already know. You should note them down. Think of an interesting hook statement. You won’t be able to come up with a hook statement as soon as you sit for writing your essay. Therefore, brainstorm, no matter how odd an opening may sound to you, you should note it down. Later on, you can combine a few ideas and polish them to compose a really bewitching hook.

Avoid clichés

If you ever get a chance to read essays from your classmates, you will find out that many of the students have the same opening. This means that students use a few introductions over and over again that have been successful once. No one wants to read such a monotonous essay. Therefore, always be creative and look for new ideas instead of sticking to clichés.

Be brief

We are living in a fast world. No one got time to spare. Readers want to read excessively long introductions. Therefore, you should give them a very brief introduction so that they do not quit reading the introduction in the middle.

Be persuasive

This goes without saying. You are writing a persuasive essay, you have to be persuasive all the time. The underlying persuasive purpose of the introduction is to make the reader continue reading the essay. You should not give general knowledge to the reader in a persuasive essay but should rather state your position on the matter.

Writing the introduction at the end

Although it is the first part of your essay, there is no compulsion that you must write it first. It is always a good idea to write the introductory paragraph after finishing the body of your essay. This is greatly helpful when you are unable to find the perfect words to start your essay.

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