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An essay is usually divided into three parts; Introduction, main body, and conclusion. Your essay may be well-written but the conclusion of your essay has its own importance as it will be the last thing the readers are going to read. So your conclusion must be captivating otherwise your perfect essay can fail to make an impression on the readers.

Here is what a conclusion is

It's literally your parting message to your readers. So consider what you want to leave them with. If you simply repeat the introduction but used different words, you'll waste their time.

A good conclusion gives a synthesis of the essay. That is, it doesn't just summarize your points, it tells the reader what all your points add up to, and why it all matters. As you know an essay is a conversation between an essay writer and a reader. Your conclusion should give the reader something to "reply" to (something that might inspire them enough to write their own essay).

Yes, writing a conclusion can be a difficult task as you want it to create the best impression of your essay. If you want to end your essay with a powerful conclusion you can follow these tips that tell you how to write a conclusion. It can leave your readers impressed and give the reader something to think about after he or she walks away from your essay.

Don’t reiterate the introduction

Many students think that writing a conclusion means just paraphrasing the introduction. But it is not the case. Your conclusion must not just be a rehash of your essay’s introduction paragraph. Repeating the same information does not fulfill the purpose of the conclusion.

Do not summarize the main body of the paper

You may have this perception that the conclusion is just a recap of the essay and you just have to provide a concise summary of each point of your essay. Including the major arguments in the conclusion is important however repetition of the same stuff is redundant. Conclude your essay by telling the readers how your main arguments connect to prove your claim or the position you have taken. Emphasize the significance of your essay topic and arguments.

Do not introduce new ideas

Your conclusion must not be a summary of your essay but it is also not a part where you can add new arguments as this may confuse the readers. Without adding any new information try reflecting on the arguments that you have made. Adding a provocative question is a good idea. Ask a question or call for action. You can also give suggestions or explain the consequences. This may help you in leaving an impression for a longer period of time as your readers will leave with something to think about.

Keep it short and clear

While writing the conclusion your purpose should be providing clarity to your readers about the topic of your essay and the arguments you have made. Also, keep your conclusion short or it will lose the impact you want to make. Add striking sentences to make it compelling.

These tips will hopefully help you in writing a good conclusion. But if you are still thinking that you won’t be able to write an extraordinary concluding paragraph for your paper on your own then you must opt to seek expert help. An online paper writing service is there to help you with your academic papers. You can ask their professional writers for guidelines or tips for writing the conclusion or any other part of your paper. Or you can also request a high-quality full-length paper and these professionals will surely not disappoint you.

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