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The first reaction students usually have is confusion as they hear the phrase “synthesis” paper. That is an entirely normal response since it is hard to assume the whole concept with just the name of it.

Let’s assume a situation: The professors have assigned many argumentative essays and now you have also become an expert at attempting an argumentative one. And now, your professor says you have to take it one step further; write a synthesis essay. Though the name can sound a little confusing but don't worry - this article will be helpful to provide an essay writer the samples of topics and teach you precisely how to compose an essay.

Trying to write a synthesis assignment requires that information be absorbed and presented in an organized manner. Besides being a common practice in secondary courses, these essays are also essential in the corporate and marketing world. Similarly, writing synthesis papers allows students to bring together all the bits of knowledge or evidence that they receive from different sources to form a realistic statement. It shows their stance on the subject.

This will significantly improve your understanding of the subject matter, allowing you to actually develop an impactful thesis statement. Well, the tips are already on the way. Let’s start!

Considering Things While Drafting An Essay

  1. Usually, every essay needs a thesis statement. Though if your research work is still at the initial stage, it doesn’t need a thesis statement yet. However, you have to keep these tips in your mind while writing any synthesis paper.
  2. While deciding on the topic, choose wisely! The main objective of a synthesis article is to establish thoughtful linkages among sections of research, or numerous works, with the intent of describing and supporting an argument. In other terms, when you're doing work on a subject, you'll look for correlations that you can build on a subject through an authentic perspective
  3. Make an outline. It will consist of three main directions:
    • Introduction: A little background of the issue, clearly mentioning the problem, thesis statement
    • Body paragraphs: Your main concept, support your thesis statement, explanation, and your perspective regarding a particular issue, supporting sentences to justify your stance, the significance of that problem, and your perspective.
      • That will be the same sequence for all the next concepts. Be sure to include each concept in a single paragraph.
    • Conclusion: Includes a summary of your main ideas that you have presented above. You won’t be depicting new ideas here, restate the significance of your topic in a wider perspective, conclude it with a profound thought.
  4. Heading towards introduction, try to ensure that you have a brief and precise introduction to your synthesis paper that describes the theme and significance of your topic. It will cover the highlights of your overall paper.
  5. Make sure that you have already included a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. The key concept introduced in your essay would be your thesis. This should involve the subject matter and state your perspective on that subject. It must be stated as an entire statement.
  6. Your essay will be written from a third-person perspective. Use of ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’ will be preferred. Provide sufficient details on the topic of your article to validate your main ideas.
  7. The use of transition paragraphs will be encouraged as it ensures the flow of your ideas. These paragraphs hardly consist of 1-2 sentences. It gives the reader an opportunity to assume what the next idea is going to be revealed.
  8. Check many times after you have finished the paper to be sure that there were no grammatical mistakes. It would be highly appreciated if your citations will be handled properly. You may even prefer to have somebody else look at this, such as your instructor, a colleague, or an essay writing service to gain a different perspective on your topic.

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