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Writing a research proposal may be required to enter a reputed institution for a postgraduate degree. The researchers have to convince the research committee of the institute that the proposed research area is in their grasp. In the following lines, we will take a look at the tips for writing a research synopsis or proposal.


Selecting the title of the research proposal may be a tricky task. A topic should be catchy and provide the reader with a good idea of the research area and the key question associated with it. A topic that is too simple may not attract the reader’s attention and they may not continue to read it. Therefore, you will have to spend considerable time thinking about how to start a research paper that can really fulfill expectations. If you’re unsure, you can contact many online ‘write my essay for me’ services to get some valid and interesting topics and model papers in your field of interest.

Background and rationale

In this section, the researcher will provide the reason for choosing the topic. The background will also look briefly upon the past research done in the area of interest. The issues which will be studied by the researcher should also be added in this section. The particular discipline should also be identified by the researcher so that the readers know the exact context of the research.

A brief literature review will help the researcher in identifying the gap which will be partially or filled with the present research. It will also identify the past debates which have been undertaken in the area of research. These debates will help you in asserting that your work will add useful information in the area of research.

Research Questions

These questions will flow from the previous section to state some relationships between the variables identified. Such questions should be stated very carefully because whole research will depend on them to be successful. The variables stated in these questions should also be present in the literature review so that the reader can connect the different sections of the proposal. Moreover, you can also ask the best essay writing service to complete this task for you.

Research Methodology

This section will develop the research framework by describing and conceptualizing the different variables. The description of variables will be taken from the past research where other researchers have used them and conceptualization will explain how these variables will be used in this particular research. The relevant methodology will also be stated.

An example of a method can be regression analysis. A particular regression model will be developed by the researcher to check for the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. The advantages and limits of the methodology will also be discussed in this section.

Time Frame

The time frame of the research will also be provided in the proposal to make sure that everything goes as planned. There are different time scales for permanent and part-time students. You should plan things so that you can finish the work within the given period. You must start working on the proposal as early as possible so that the time targets are successfully achieved.


This section is one of the most important in the whole research proposal because it will ensure that the work is original. The researcher should set up this section in a chronological order starting from the most recent to the oldest. It is recommended that the sources used should not be more than five years old for the research.

There are many online writing services which can provide an essay writer with updated reference lists related to different topics. These services also provide you with originality checking services. The similarity index is also provided by an essay writer service so that the researcher can adjust the content accordingly.

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