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500 words and a whole essay to express things? How am I ever going to do that? Well, it may seem rather difficult to concentrate all that you want to say within 500 words. But if proper care is taken, it is like a snap. An essay writer just has to be sure about what it takes to write a top-class essay in just around 500 words. Not sure where to begin? Read on.

Tricks of the Trade

  1. Highlight all the major points that you want to mention. This would allow you to concentrate on the essentials. This is also called an outline so when you have a tough restriction like 500 words, be sure to follow this.
  2. Any essay could be asked within 500 words i.e. a narrative essay or a rhetorical analysis essay. Be sure to have a clear mind towards what each essay demands.
  3. If asked to write based on research, find out the heart of every study so that you have know-how regarding the essentials of a particular text. An abstract is a great way to get accustomed to finding major details.
  4. You may seem that such a small essay may not be enough to fully express details. Just because it is small doesn't mean that your 500-word essay needs to be anything but the best. You could explain so much if you know how to do it.
  5. Follow the traditional 1-3-1 rule which means 1 into para with the thesis, 2 body paragraphs to support the thesis and final para to deliver a conclusion. Word distribution could be based on your own preference. But the main details should be within the body paragraphs while initial and final paras should be rather short and to the point.
  6. Give importance to your thesis but it could make or break your essay. Craft it carefully that explains all the viewpoints that you would give within your essay. A three claim thesis could be important in short essays so that you know how each paragraph would come about.
  7. Develop smooth transitions between paragraphs so that the final sentence of one would serve as an initiator for the other one. The whole essay should look cohesive otherwise a reader could easily lose track of the main point. Even when close to the end, the reader should know what the essay is about without reading the topic again and again.
  8. Even with smaller essays, don’t go about immediately writing it as you would lose the whole plot. Take some time to develop an outline, perform research, and then move ahead to writing a draft.
  9. There is an element of being casual with such small works and a person may become complacent. Don't fall into that trap because your grades are dependent upon it.
  10. Even if you are a master of the language does not mean that your writing won’t have any mistakes. Proofread the draft to see if there is essential cohesion and is free form any errors. Proofread, read aloud, and adopt any means which you like. If you find something out of place, just modify it.
  11. Even if your essay is slightly above the word limit, a final check would allow you to fine-tune it according to the requirements. So, do not worry about going above the limit initially.

You see, it is not as difficult as it seemed. All it takes is a proper direction that needs to be followed. All it takes is practice and some getting accustomed to the rules of the game or the essay I should say. I know you are familiar with what happened in a particular superhero movie or you know all the rules of COD or PUBG. This is no different and taking interest is the essential key.

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