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What is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is a type of paper where you set forth an argument, and then analyze it using supporting claims. The range of topics for this kind of paper usually includes analyzing a book, an article, a specific event, or a movie. If the paper is on an article, as opposed to summarizing the points of the article, your analytical essay will require you to analyze its style, author’s intentions, and main points.

Writing an analytical essay

It is often advised that the essay writer uses some kind of background information to capture the interest of the reader. Utilizing a hook statement can also prove to be viable. For the hook to have a solid impact, it ought to be fascinating and amazing enough to catch the pursuer’s eye. It is the best opportunity to do this, and you ought not to take your risks on having a “messy hook”. This concept has been explained with an analytical essay example at the end of this post. A hook is composed of one to two sentences intended to catch the pursuer’s eye from the initial lines of the analytical essay. The decision of a hook relies upon the state of mind of the work, and furthermore the target group.

Writing a Body Paragraph

The main goal of the body paragraphs is to prove the thesis statement. Each individual paragraph should focus on a certain aspect of the thesis. After reading a single body paragraph, the viewer should have clearly understood the argument or point you were trying to prove. Depending on the topic, each essay’s length will vary based on the depth of the thesis.

Writing a conclusion

The conclusion ties up the entire paper. Start out by restating your thesis statement. The significance of this is to exemplify to your viewer that you have proven the thesis statement and to summarize the steps you took. Also, the conclusion can help the reader understand your thoughts and their organization into a cohesive piece.

It is important to make a smooth transition from the body paragraphs to the conclusion. Do not jump to it too quickly, as it may interrupt the flow of your paper. The best way to remind the reader about your thesis statement is to paraphrase it. Next, you need to summarize the main points of body paragraphs by extracting the most significant facts.

Examples of Analytical Essays

  1. A cell phone is one of the devices mostly used according to the meta-analysis statistic taken. Approximately, 80 percent of the world population uses a cell phone in various aspects such as communication which is the main core. Others include making a transaction such as MPESA service in East Africa. The concern if cell phones are dangerous has brought an argument. Some scholars support and others reject instead encouraging the use of cell phones in everyday activities due to the benefits it has especially to the current world. In my opinion, cell phones are dangerous, and there are research and cases reported as a result of cell phone usage. They include distracting drivers; create barriers to social connection and lead to health problems.
  2. Learning is a crucial process for students as it acts as a changing factor in their lives. The process, therefore, requires ample time and proper concentration for the successful occurrence. Class size is a factor to be considered when effective learning is desired. It can, therefore, affect learning outcomes either positively or negatively given that other factors are constant. This paper looks at how the size of a class can influence the learning outcomes if not regulated to the standard size recommended. It can, therefore, be said that class size affects the outcomes of learning because it influences the concentration of the students, determines attention given by the teacher to students, and influences healthy learning.

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