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Debates are an important part of your academic career whether it is in English class or a debate club. You can discuss any topic in your debate whether it is related to your studies or if you want to cover social issues. Its preparation is solely dependent on you and which type of arguments you would present. An essay writer can cover hundreds of topics in debate but one thing would remain common: your research work.

You can say that it is a double struggle one you have to find relevant data and then write that data in the form of debate. Remember that in a debate competition there could be more than two teams each presenting their own stance. Each would also negate the other's point of view via its arguments backed by facts and figures. Debate writing can be similar to essay writing online but with a slight change. However, you do not defend your essay in front of the audience as you do in case of debate.

In normal circumstances, your professor would give your team a topic and each member would cover a certain aspect. I am writing down some simple steps for debate; I am sure this would be beneficial for you if you are participating in a competition.

Step 1: Strong opening

Your opening debate is very vital as in these sentences you would catch the audience's attention. It can be one sentence or more than one if you think it would help. For example, if you are debating about climate change you can say that with the rising ocean the second wave of global immigrants would start. It would be a great challenge for neighboring countries.

Step 2: Narrate your topic

Your topic should be clear and understandable first to your team and then to the audience. You should also mention what would be your stance about the topic; whether you would negate it or affirm it. You are free to negate your opponent’s stance or definition and give your own with proper justification. If confused about selecting a good topic, hire a cheapest essay writing service.

Step 3: Signposting

You may find it unnecessary and annoying but trust me it is not the case rather it would help you to give your arguments in a flow. Signposting would also help the audience to catch the topic if they lost during the debate. They can get an effective reminder about the debate from the signposting.

Step 4: Rebuttal

It means you have to defend your argument by negating the rival team. But you have to be extra clever on the spot to negate the arguments. You may only have a few seconds to respond, that is why remain-extra vigilant. You can learn below-given strategies as it would help you to rebuttal effectively.

  • Pre-research: Search your topic thoroughly and try to cover every aspect. You should read the views given by other scholars and what they wrote about the respective topic. In this way, you would be able to answer or refute your opponent's argument.
  • On spot thinking: If you think you are stuck and unable to refute an argument then twist your previous arguments. In this way, the opponent team would get confused and you might win.

Step 5: Your arguments

While presenting your arguments do not say anything factually incorrect, as it would be difficult for you to defend. First, decide what you want to argue and layout its format in your brain then start speaking. You can also use evidence with persuasive strategies. In this way, your argument would be compelling. If you’re not confident, then hire a write my paper for me service who would write or fix your debate for you. There are some legit academic essay writing services which help students in their daily assignment. Just reach them and buy essay online now.

Step 6: Conclusion

You have presented everything in your debate, try to summarize all arguments and ideas presented. Do not include anything new in this part as your audience would get confused. In the end say thank you to the organizers, listeners, and the opposing team.

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