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Definition essays are a form of expository essay where the writer defines a concept or a term and then analyzes it. The primary aim of a definition essay is to provide information about a particular term or concept. It follows the standard essay format of the beginning, middle, and end.

Some of the salient features of the definition essay are:


It should start with a grabber, followed by transition, and end in a thesis settlement that can be either the definition of the concept or a statement.

Body of the definition essay

The typical definition essays have three body paragraphs each providing important information about the term. This information or details could be the etymology of the term, analogy, connotation, broad definition, or denotation of the concept.


It contains an extended definition of the term in the form of a restated thesis statement. For a good conclusion, say write my essay to the professional experts and get your work done on time.

Definition essays are categorized broadly into two categories; abstract essays and concrete essays. The former consists of abstract topics like love, honesty, bravery, courage, etc., and the latter consists of tangible and measurable topics like earth, political party, America, etc. the term picked can be defined in terms of structure, function analysis, and what it does not mean. As there are many false definitions or nations about a term or concept.

Some of the topic ideas for the definition Essay are:

  • War
  • Friendship
  • Independence
  • Power
  • Terrorism
  • NATO
  • Racism
  • Tsunami
  • Marriage
  • Natural beauty
  • Leader
  • Success
  • Businesswomen
  • Team player
  • Climate change
  • Romanticism
  • Alcoholism
  • patriotism
  • Death penalty

Extended Essay Topics

  • Characteristics of good physical health
  • Concept of male chauvinism
  • Corporal punishment at school to maintain discipline
  • Traits that make an honest person
  • Difference between selflessness and selfishness.
  • Definition of appropriate salary
  • What is corporate culture?
  • What is social inequality?
  • Hegemonic reign of power
  • Concept of capitalism
  • What is the World Wide Web?
  • Concept of telecommunication
  • The term artificial intelligence

Topic Selection

Always choose a topic that you know about and do proper research about the topic. For research, look for the term in books, articles, websites. Study the definition of the term and then come up with your own definition of the concept. The thesis statement should contain the definition of the essay writer, here, his/her own notion of the term stated in a simple and clear language.

Beginning details of Definition Essay:

The writer can start with a literary quote or a rhetorical question that is related to the term. Its significance or connotation/denotation in the given text and then the possible analysis of the term.

Bodily Details Definition Essay

The body of the definition essay should contain examples from literature and real life. These examples should be analyzed in a way that should make the term easy to understand. All the possible aspects of the term should be incorporated for a better understanding of the term. You should ask someone to write my paper if you don't have good writing skills.

Ending note of Definition Essay

The ending should sum up all the possible definitions. It should provide an extended and broad definition of the term or concept.

Structure of Definition Essay

  • A paraphrased version of an official dictionary definition
  • Writer’s definition of the term
  • Real-life and literary examples
  • Evidence and supporting material;
  • Conclusion

Lastly, unlike other essays, definition essays are relatively easy and students feel at ease writing them. This time you do consider the option to consult the paper writing service. It requires doing a bit of a search to find the work’s usage in different sources and after research putting down what the writer has understood. The main purpose of this essay is to understand the concept by analyzing its usage in different contexts.

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