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Persuasive essays are some of the toughest essays you will come through if you are not a good critical thinker. It is an essay where an essay writer persuades their stance logically and critically to convince their reader with the arguments.

Suppose you are given a topic that says that artificial intelligence will advance further in 2021, and you want to persuade in favor of the argument; you will probably use the modern environmental crisis to justify your argument that shows your essay is more credible and logical.

However, in many cases, you will be given topics about which you might have very limited knowledge. In such situations, we suggest you get help from an essay writing service online. They will help you write your essay with perfect expression, content, and format.

Well, if you are still wondering what might be some common essay topics, we can help you get some ideas. Most of the essay topics are taken from ongoing and most talked about events. Similarly, your persuasive essay topics will be taken from a popular event or situation around you; if you are someone who reads extensively, you might not struggle a lot to persuade your topic. Here are some essay topic ideas.

  1. As environmental degradation is rising, states are introducing strict laws related to wildlife, carbon emission, the use of plastic bags, and overall environmental pollution. You will be given a topic to talk about, for example, global warming, climate change.
  2. Secondly, you should follow all the updates regarding the corona outbreak from the beginning to the present developments and the expected developments in the future. Because the pandemic is global and it has created some real issues that have driven the attention of people belonging to all professions. Thus audiences, regardless of their professional interest, would like to read your essay if it is compiled correctly.
  3. Nuclear weapons and terrorism will always remain a topic of interest as long as it remains to be perceived as a global threat. For example, you may get topics like to do nuclear weapons maintains peace, has really prohibited wars, is nuclear umbrella an essential global political mechanism, is terrorism still a global threat, can you counter-terrorism through weapons or nuclear weapons, is dialog possible between governments and terrorist organizations, and so on.
  4. Similarly, let's talk about another global development that is artificial intelligence. We have seen an increasing demand for artificial intelligence in the ongoing lethal pandemic. People were limited to their homes, and socialization was a driver of the virus. In such a scenario, growing economies like China took huge advantage of their technological advancements. You may get a topic related to this debate, for instance, do you think artificial intelligence is replacing human capabilities, is the new human generation becoming dependent on machines, is technology an essential need of the time, is it possible to live without the assistance of technology and many other relative topics.
  5. Other interesting fields around which a lot of persuasive essay topics revolve are democracy and accountability. Because many developing and poor states are victims of corruption and internal political instabilities and accountability, politics and democracy have caught the essential attention of the public. The topics might be, democracy is an effective form of government, accountability is the first step towards strengthening countries and many related topics.

Let’s be precise your essays are not always based upon how much content knowledge you have; they can be written perfectly if you can pin down the fundamental knowledge correctly with perfect expressions and logic. There will be very few topics about which you will have no idea at all. In such cases, you may wish that if there was someone to write my essay for me, you could always acquire online assistance. You should always keep some alternatives for situations such as this.

Just stay current and read a lot. It will get interesting over time, and you will not have to take unnecessary stress while persuading a general topic. You can also take help from the paper writing service writers.

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