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Speeches are an important part of people’s lives in the student era as well as afterward. There are different kinds of speeches that suit numerous occasions. There are many events on which people like to remember some of the past events. In the following lines, we will take a look at some interesting topics and the way to write such speeches. Or you can also pay for essay.

  1. An event for charity
  2. Seeing off an old employee
  3. Analyzing the sports achievements of a person
  4. Independence of a state
  5. The life in a city
  6. Condolence to an aggrieved
  7. Leadership
  8. How to increase strength in your character?
  9. Character traits of any president
  10. Some positive thoughts about life

Finding some great examples

The internet can be a great source for writers to find some great topics. Professional writers online can craft you a unique commemorative speech as a model or sample which can help jump-start your speech. It can also help you to choose the topic for your speech. An example can be given where a student has paid tribute to a teacher who is retiring. Various platforms can provide essay help and a free outline of the desired speech.

This outline may help you in finalizing the topic and include relevant examples in the speech.


Gather a large number of topics before you finalize the topic for your speech. Narrow down the topics selected according to your interest or the outline provided by your teacher. Keep all the topics or material which can help you in preparing your speech.

If the speaker has to make a speech regarding an event that has taken place in the past, it is advised to gather speeches that have described some events in detail. These speeches will help the person in keeping the audience interested. You can always hire someone to write essay for me at affordable rates.

Reviewing the audience

This step is written at the third number but this can make or break your speech. The different audiences will have different needs and a speechwriter should take these into account. An example can be given regarding two speeches done at a college farewell and a business dinner. Both these speeches may be similar in a way that they are meant to remember the services of ex-employees but the nature of services and terminology of the speeches will be very different in both cases.

Provide some added value

Your speech topic may be an old one and many other people may have done the speech in front of the same audience. Your speech should stand out with some additional value for the audience. This added value will create more interest for the audience in your speech. An easy way to add value is to revolve the whole speech around a central idea. It will help your thoughts to remain focused. An example can be given about a speech done at an event related to a sports personality. The speaker should focus mostly on the professional achievements of the personality. The added value in the speech will help in keeping the audience engaged throughout the speech.

Avoid copying

Although the speech has to be delivered verbally to the audience you have to avoid copying material directly from other sources. It is better to create your content from scratch. Even with your content, it is better to run your speech through some plagiarism software to be very sure about the originality of your content. Another method to avoid any problem is to rephrase the available content in your language. You can use the appropriate examples relevant to the speech. The online writing platforms can provide you with the originality index report to you. You can always ask them to process ‘write my paper’ requests.

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