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Writing essays or speeches can be challenging whether it be persuasive, informative, or motivational speech. You may have listened to many motivational speeches by famous great personalities but writing one is definitely not an easy task and it does not come without experience and practice. If you are a beginner then there are few basic steps and tips that you must keep in mind before starting your speech. For an effective speech that can inspire or motivate people, you have to devote your time and put your best while creating the speech.

Yes! You cannot become a motivational essay writer or speaker overnight. You need adequate time for preparation. It takes days and sometimes weeks to prepare a perfect, well-written speech. A perfectly organized, and structured speech automatically gives you the confidence needed for delivering it.

Writing tips

The purpose of a motivational speech is to persuade or inspire the audience. Your aim should be to make an internal shift in your listeners that will lead them to behave differently as well to help them to change what they believe or value and adopt new belief systems. Follow the below sequence when online essay writing or speech:

  1. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to grab the attention of the audience. This can be done through storytelling. Use humor, inspiring quotes, stats or questions, etc.
  2. Explain the significance of your topic. You have to convince your listeners that the topic you are talking about is serious and requires action. Include significant benefits or negative consequences to prove your point.
  3. Give solutions. When talking about a problem which needs to be solved you also have to propose solutions. Explain your position in a convincing manner that why your proposed solution is best and why your listeners should agree with you. Back up your stance with evidence like stats or convincing examples.
  4. And lastly, your motivational speech must encourage action. You need to tell the listeners what specific actions they can take to address the issue.

Topics for motivational speeches

It is a great idea for a motivational speech to write a true story or a true experience. If you haven't had any till now, share someone else’s, who is your motivator. To write an inspiring speech, one should be inspired by the topic on which the speech is to be written. One should feel intensely /passionately about the subject.

  1. Playing video games develop leadership skills and teamwork.
  2. Self-contentment is important in life.
  3. Having fun in life is more important than being rich.
  4. Earning money should not be the only purpose of life.
  5. Extracurricular activities should be promoted in schools.
  6. Why should unrealistic beauty standards not be admired?
  7. Importance of dreaming big in life.
  8. Never giving up should be the life motto
  9. A healthy lifestyle is important for mental health.
  10. Importance of patience for a successful life.
  11. Value of personal experiences.

These are some topics that you can choose from for your speech. But you can also explore many other motivational speech topics and choose to write on one. However, if you are not confident in writing a motivational speech, there are numerous support resources available on the internet. An online ‘write my paper’ service offers such services. Choose a reliable site and ask them to write a speech for you on a topic of your choice.

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